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I have a week pass to go and enjoy myself. I am a 10 hcp and would love full days of instruction to groove my swing, fix/improve faults and just learn. I take lessons once a month, but an hour just isn't enough to penetrate my thick head.   Please let me know if you recommend any school/resort preferably east coast, but would happily travel as I've never been to AZ or TX.    Ultimately would like 6-8 hrs instruction, then ability to play a nice course later each...
just not sure if i want to head somewhere and play solo for 3 days or get in an academy with a group, learn and play with everyone.
live near philly. will travel to FL, SC, NV, AZ, etc
My wife has given me a pass to go away for three days to decompress from work and the kids. I immediately thought of a 3-day golf trip, but have always wondered about a 3-day golf school/academy. I'll probably go solo, as this is a spur of the moment trip.   I take lessons once a month, but would really love to get hands-on training for a few days in a row. I'm about a 10 hcp, Usually shoot 82-85, but have shot in the 70's a dozen times, 74 is my best.    Any...
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