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No I do not have access to a launch monitor. In fear of ordering something that doesn't work well for me i will test out everything i have access too and  decide from there.   I am leaning toward RBZ or 913 though.  I will hit Cobra Amp, Ping g25, and R1 as well though.
can anybody help me out?  I do not want to order a shaft that won't work out well.  
I currently play a Cobra Speed LD F driver with the stock stiff shaft in it. Last summer i demoed a Rocketballz driver for a few rounds and hit it great. It had the R11s shaft in it which would be a RIP phenom 60.  My question is, if i would select a shaft with similar specs to the RIP phenom 60 will i get the same results?   I am looking to get a new driver, primarily either a Rocketballz or the Titleist 913.  The shafts i am looking at to put in them are the...
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