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The trees seem to rarely affect shots, but that definitely changes the look of the hole. If they are going to plant a new tree I would also like to see them re-plant on the 6th the cypress that fell a few years ago.
I want to go with first time winners.... And Tiger. Masters - Kuchar US - Tiger Open - Spieth PGA - Dustin Johnson (or Bobby Watson)
Recently moved from Monterey to D.C. and am in the same boat of looking for an instructor. No rush as I probably will not look for lessons until the weather warms, but keep us updated on whether or not you find someone. I also need to find a good range to practice at. I was a little spoiled in Monterey, and so far it seems like there are not many options around here at all.
Same here. I guess I would rather be dry and have those to hits, then just fall in and do something worse. 
Good for him.
 I agree. Its part of the game. Also, I could be wrong, but isn't there a standard (as in a rule) amount of time they are allowed to warm up following a delay?
Awesome putt.
Horrible. Have to feel bad for the guy. If it goes to a playoff might have to cheer for Kaymer tomorrow just because I feel bad for him now.
I'm ok with watching three holes tomorrow.
He usually doesn't take this long. Seemed really unsure of his putting today.
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