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Same here. I guess I would rather be dry and have those to hits, then just fall in and do something worse. 
Good for him.
 I agree. Its part of the game. Also, I could be wrong, but isn't there a standard (as in a rule) amount of time they are allowed to warm up following a delay?
Awesome putt.
Horrible. Have to feel bad for the guy. If it goes to a playoff might have to cheer for Kaymer tomorrow just because I feel bad for him now.
I'm ok with watching three holes tomorrow.
He usually doesn't take this long. Seemed really unsure of his putting today.
Tough hole for Kaymer. Will be interesting now.
I agree, it depends on the interpretation of "earn," or "make it," as Watson said. If he means that literally, i.e., Tiger has to qualify and will not be a captain's pick than obviously that will be harder to do. But if it simply means get back playing and perform well enough to "earn" a captain's pick, then that is completely ambiguous.  Slightly OT but along the same lines - Tiger has had plenty of Ryder Cups. I would still prefer to see him come back, but at this point...
Ah yes.
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