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Just over the DC line in Maryland there are a number of options.    https://www.mcggolf.com/   http://www.pgparks.com/Things_To_Do/Sports/Golf.htm
 For some reason I always forget about my marker and often go to my bag or wallet to see what I have. Usually its an old range coin, but sometimes I end up picking up something off the ground like a wood chip and just use that. Obviously this could be an issue if I was playing in a match  - ie, the wood chip could have already been on the green, but right now I am just playing for myself so its no big deal. 
Working on a consistent feel for initiating the downswing. I worked on my weight forward and turn a lot over the winter (slow motion, mirror work), but now am thinking a lot about the arms. My arms were getting down late resulting in either hitting the ball thin, or having my hands too far forward at impact and hitting low shots. So now I am trying to figure out what is better for me, pulling the arms down, the left shoulder, the right elbow, etc...
Left arm broken down? One thing that I have been conscience of (not necessarily working on) is my hands at impact. For a time my hands were too far forward at impact resulting in a very low ball flight. Are you saying my hands are too far back now?   
Iacas, should the head not be my priority piece? My primary focus was on the right elbow on the backswing and the left shoulder on the downswing. In seeing my swing I realize I am still going too far back on the backswing. I have worked on that a ton in front of a mirror, but once I speed it up I still goes too far.
Can you elaborate more on what the arms/forearms are doing? That is also something I have been thinking about in doing mirror work as I often, when working on positions, readjust where my left elbow is pointing (more out to down.... As in 'tightening' my arm and rotating it down). I don't know why or what I should be doing there, or if it is just something I see and do when working so slow, but in a normal full speed swing it is not an issue.
I am very curious on this too as in many myswing threads I see comments on how at P3 the shaft should be putting at or inside the ball, but on the downswing at P5 it should be pointing well outside the ball. This requires a reroute or "laying off," which I struggle with. I am not sure how exactly to "lay off" the club. 
First round of the season was a few days ago on a 9 hole par 34. No par 5's, just two 3's and seven 4's. Played well off the tees hiting 6 out of 7 GIR on the 4's. On the 3's one hit a tree just before reaching the green and fell short, while on the other I came up well short with a very low strong draw. I did not keep many stats or my final score, but had a few pars which was big for me. This was my first time out since May so I was happy with my play. Looking forward to...
First and third videos cut off for some reason - the V1 software is not finalizing cuts. Working on reinstalling the software now. 
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