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Yeah, I'm not worried about expectations or anything. While I may be young to many on here, I am not young-young holding a part time job. Simply have several months to kill and given my interest in the game thought caddying would be interesting as I picked up the game when I was older and did not have any opportunities to do so. Kind of a way to get in some missed golf experience if you will. More looking for the type of rules you may run into where your player looks over...
I appreciate the list (really do), but was thinking along the lines of the rules for tournaments and what not. Realizing that may not be the responsibility of the caddie, but wanting to know them for the players I will be with.
Short story - I have a new job that does not start for several months and through some contacts may caddie at a course for the spring. I have been reading through the rules kes/decisions, but am curious what everyone thinks of the essential rules, common scenarios, etc that a caddie may come into?
Yes, so he is 'withdrawing,' which means he does not finish second and take home the winnings. He is now withdrawn and at the bottom of the table. Is this correct?
One of my favorite tournaments for the 'home' aspect of it, but I have never liked the TV coverage. It's always limited to towers on the 7th, and then 15-18. I am a fan of 6, of course 8, 12, and 14 and you do not see those until Sunday.
The trees seem to rarely affect shots, but that definitely changes the look of the hole. If they are going to plant a new tree I would also like to see them re-plant on the 6th the cypress that fell a few years ago.
I want to go with first time winners.... And Tiger. Masters - Kuchar US - Tiger Open - Spieth PGA - Dustin Johnson (or Bobby Watson)
Recently moved from Monterey to D.C. and am in the same boat of looking for an instructor. No rush as I probably will not look for lessons until the weather warms, but keep us updated on whether or not you find someone. I also need to find a good range to practice at. I was a little spoiled in Monterey, and so far it seems like there are not many options around here at all.
Same here. I guess I would rather be dry and have those to hits, then just fall in and do something worse. 
Good for him.
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