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I agree. While it's nice to have a round to watch on Monday, it is anti-climatic. 3-4 holes and finishing on Sunday is much better. 
Sunset time is roughly 8:10pm there. They should be able to get it in. If there are too many people tied, or it goes past the three holes then yes. I would imagine that went into the discussion, and they concluded it was ok.
I think this is better if for no other reason, if there is a playoff we get to watch these three holes again.      http://www.pgatour.com/news/2014/04/16/players-playoff-format.html
Welcome to the site. I am relatively new here too (and to the game), and am not good at recognizing priority pieces and cannot specifically say what is causing push hits. That said, I can offer what I see for what it is worth.    It appears that you are all arms on the back swing with little shoulder rotation. Try rotating your upper torso more, and keeping your arms in front of you. Along the same lines, your back swing looks a little flat to me. Rotate your left should...
A few of my caddie friends have said that they often advise players to hit their second up the hill (towards the eight fairway, but not all the way up) when around the left side of the fairway - just so that they can see the green for a then third shot. Again, I have not played it, but it seems that without the Cyprus tree as a reference point the second shot is a lot harder. 
I film at least a few swings every time at the range. And, I am yet to see anyone else filming their swings (including 3-4 instructors) at the two ranges I go to. 
Awesome. I have not played PB, but am local here and have walked the course a ton (I try to go to non-tour events where you can walk the fairways during the rounds). Anyways, your round sounds great. Double bogey on 6? Where did you land on your second shot up the hill? Par on 8 is great. GIR? How was the new range? I have not spent any time on it, but want to soon. 
I noticed that too, and have a question on it - Stephan mentioned in my Evolvr lesson was that the line from butt down to my heels - it was too close and I needed more space. I had a little of the donald duck butt before, but trying to fix the other made it worse. Said another way, trying to have less anterior pelvic titl resulted in  the line from the pelvis to my heels being closer to the heels. Will work on it.  
P1 visa - specifically for athletes competing here. 
Good putt, still in it. 
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