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Somehow I missed it, what did he do? 
What a shot by Rose. 
Definitely a matter of opinion and preference. In terms of competition, and therefore prestige or bragging rights, you cannot beat the US Open. Its a larger field, and a more competitive one. So in terms of competition winning the US Open is a greater achievement than the Masters. I would prefer the Masters just for the idea of coming back and being a part of it for a lifetime, whether that is playing or simply being a part of the champions dinner. 
Especially with his not looking at the ball, but the line. Mostly its on the short putts, where he looks at the cup, but occasionally its the long ones too. He gets a line and looks at that rather than the ball. 
Maybe, but that does not change anything. It may be the youngest major, but the traditions exist and the players themselves value the tournament and the traditions. There is a reason why for many it is the best tournament of the year.There is a reason the players value it so high, and they speak of the traditions. There is a reason Nicklaus, Palmer, Player, and many others return every year. Like it or not the traditions exist. 
Surprised too. They (CBS) typically says they try to limit players in the featured groups - ie, not use the same guys multiple days - although it has to occur some. That said, you can count on the CBS coverage following most of their shots unless they really fall behind the lead. 
Impressive birdie there. 
When they want - they earned it, and the traditions make the Masters. Take away the traditions and while the Masters would still be a major, it would be a shadow of what it is today. I also disagree with ideas such as 'five missed cuts and over fifty' and they should call it. What happens then with the 25 year old with five appearances and no cuts made? Should they not be welcomed back? I know most would say they are young and could compete in any given year, but my point...
@mvmac this (speeding up arms on dowmswing) was my focus with my swing when I mentioned keeping the left shoulder down. My left shoulder was lifting early while my arms were slow down. Any specific feels for you? Are you pulling the arms faster, focused on the butt of the club, etc? Any negative things that could occur from pulling the arms down faster that you should be aware of?
Just over the DC line in Maryland there are a number of options.    https://www.mcggolf.com/   http://www.pgparks.com/Things_To_Do/Sports/Golf.htm
New Posts  All Forums: