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Would he not still be in the hazard since the backside of it is not marked? The right side of the hazard is marked, but the left side is not, so he is still in the hazard, and therefore cannot ground his club?   I agree that you cannot, legally, determine the precise location of the property line, but there can be clues that aid the common sense decision. On my course, which is marked well, if it was not the clear distinction is how the grass is mowed. Our side is high...
Searched the forum, but could not find anything on this new show. Wilson, and the Golf Channel, have a new show where contestants are competing to design a new driver.  Not sure what to think - no idea how this will work, or if it will be...
In general I am not a fan of practice swings for the reason that you said - they do not emulate a real swing at all, and therefore you are rehearsing a different swing. That said, they can be helpful to rehearse one aspect of the swing - ie, if you are struggling with swaying back on the backswing, or opening the face relative to the path, or whatever, a practice swing can be to rehearse that one aspect. Currently I am working on getting my hands low and keeping my right...
Mirror work mapping backswing and transition.
Played 18 today. Continued to focus on backswing and feeling more upright (head not moc8ng down).
10 mins backswing mapping of wrists and right elbow. 
Played 16 hitting two balls, but not chipping or putting. Focused on 1) feeling like I am standing upright on the backswing (before I was dipping my head towards the ball)and 2) the right wrist and feeling like I am dealing cards.
20 mins mirror backswing.
Worked on the backswing for about ten minutes, and then decided to go play. Unfortunately I live down the street from a course with no range so I "play" more than I practice. On the course I focused on my backswing and worked a lot on approach shots from 140-170 yards out. Teed off with my 3 and 4 iron on almost every hole.
25 mins on backswing working on feeling like I am standing up more.
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