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Mirror work - secondary axis tilt.
I missed a couple of days due to traveling and the business that goes with it, but I was already out for the badge anyways. I have practiced or played daily working on the exact same things. I am going to switch today though and start thinking about secondary axis tilt.
Slow motion mirror. Hi very poorly the other day (after hitting my best ever a few days before). Figured out that I was sliding my hips and not sliding-rotating as I have been doing. So worked on that today
Range - same pieces. Not a good practice as I rushed through it as it was cold and windy. Should have called it a day earlier, but was (unwisely) determined to finish my bucket.
Very repetitive - elbow and wrist in front of a mirror.
Same here. If we assume that he would be longer with all clubs (and more accurate) then there is no reason for the original question. Of course everyone would take 300 and 30 off with your driver (and 220-240 with a long iron) over 240 and straight with a driver. My comment about my home course was simply regarding the black and white original question with no assumptions or what that would look like in real life.
Same pieces - worked a little on the course, and then some mirror work.
15 mins mapping in front of a mirror. Putting on and off all day while watching the Players - working on a new stance/arm position to overcome some face issues I was having.
Exhausted today after a forecaddie loop - worked with the minimum five minutes of mirroring a few swings checking the same, elbow and wrist.
I do not really understand those going after the premise of the question or saying it's not realistic. Obviously reality is not so black and white, one or the other, but the question for the discussion is. For me, generally speaking, I will take the 270/300 30 off/trees over 220/fairway as we know the stats on distance and scoring. That said, in reality it completely depends on the course. My home course for example, on the 14 par 4's and 5's - if we turn that into 28...
New Posts  All Forums: