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My granddaughter likes to go to Top Golf with us and wants to some hit balls, but they don't have any kids clubs. I am going to get her a wedge for her first club, but most of the clubs I have seen for a girl her size have an integrated grip that is supposed to teach proper grip.  I am thinking that for a 6 year old's first club that type of grip might be a bit much. Do any of you all have any experience with this? Thanks
On the range I hit 80% of the shots with my irons pretty good.  On the course I just can't seem to make good consistent ball strikes. I top the ball, hit worm burners, hit right, left, etc. Is there a drill I can use to help correct this?   Thanks
Just cancelled any further shipments.  However the girl offered to change to a dozen every 90 days for $29. I would have gone for it if they came in yellow.
Thanks a lot, didn't think to check on Facebook.
OK, let me save everyone some time and get this over with.  I will be the first to admit that am an idiot, I fell for the lure of free balls, I didn't read the fine print, etc., etc.     Now that being said, does anybody have the number I need to call to cancel future shipments?   Thanks, Charles
I had a G15 5i & 8i break at the hosel.
I like I am sure many others drank the free ball cool aid, and now I want to cancel.  Do I contact Kick X or the marketing company? Also, would someone who has successfully canceled their "free deal" please post the contact number or email.   I know I didn't read the terms of the offer, and I realize I'm an idiot, so please don't rub it in.   
Thanks I will check online.   I like playing the same ball all the time.  I play with a guy that plays any ball he has or finds.  However when we are looking for his ball and find one, he can't say for sure it's his because he can't remember.
Can anyone suggest a ball that is somewhat comparable to the Supersoft or Duo that doesn't cost quite so much.  I really like the way these balls play, but I am losing way too many.  If I can play a comparable ball at cheaper price I can save money for lessons, then maybe I can get good enough to stop losing so many and go back to the Callaways and and Wilsons.
During my lessons, and practice at the range I strike the ball and hit decent shots about 80-90% of the time.  But when I get on the course I would guess that average drops to 50% at best.  I can't seem to get past this, and I am getting frustrated. Any suggestions?
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