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I played my third round with the G30.  My average drive is 220.  I hit 256, 245, 231, 229 and some bad ones of course.  But this is a lot better than I am used to.
I have a 34 handicap.  My new driver is a Ping G30 SF TEC.  My driving has really improved and I hit a lot more fairways.
I have not tried the i20. But I had a Cobra Amp Cell & aG25 & now a G30. I am a 33 handicap and am not in the fairway very often. However I find that I am hitting more fairways and have much more confidence on the tee with the G30. Even my golf buddies noticed my driving has improved.
I play mostly munis with par 5's under 500 yds.  It does seem strange, but I find I use my 6i & 7i very little.
You are 100% correct on the inconsistent ball striking.  However I have gotten better at my ball striking since I have a) shortened & slowed my back swing b) am swinging smoother & stopped trying to kill it c) have concentrated on keeping my head down & still.I do find that my most used clubs are Driver, 3i, 4i, 5i, 9i & wedges.  I was at Golfsmith the other day and hit a Ping G30 4H and was getting high 170 to 190 distances.  I am not used to hybrids, which is probably...
I have been tracking my yardages with a Garmin Approach G6.  I delete lousy shots as well as real good shots, so the averages are pretty true.  If I am recording only good hits, why the gaps.  I know it's not the clubs.  Do you all have any suggestions as how to fill these gaps?  Even though I don't have enough shots with the 6 & 7 to get a good average, if I add 5 yards to the 8i distance I get 147.  Then 5 to that I get 153 for the 6i. Which gives an 18 yard gap between...
I spend a lot more time at work thinking about golf than I do playing or practicing.  So I come up with all these questions. I am currently playing a Ping G30 SF Tec, Regular flex shaft.  My average drive (I only count good strikes) is around 220-230 & my club head speed is mid to high 80's. Would I benefit from a Senior Flex, or does it really matter? Thanks
I am 6"2' with a wrist to floor measurement of 35". My irons are Ping G25, +.25, Black Dot Okay here is the dumb question. When I am addressing the ball the toe of the club is about a quarter inch or so off the ground.  Should the club head lie flat? Thanks 
First round with my G30 SF my golf buddies could not believe how much my driving improved.  Finally I was in the fairways more than I was in the trees.
First let me say that I have never been able to hit a fairway wood well.  I know it is probably mental & I need lessons & need to practice more. That being said let me get to my question. In my bag I currently have a 3i & 4 i.  I average 178 with the 4i and 181 with the 3i.  This leaves me at a disadvantage on par 5 and long par 4 holes. I went to Golfsmiths and hit a Ping 22 degree hybrid and was averaging between 190 and 202.   Should I ditch the 3 & 4 irons and go...
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