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Funny you should bring that up.  I suspected that I was hitting shots off the toe, but didn't know that would initiate a hook. What should I do to correct this?  As far as gear, I was fitted for my irons which are I believe +1/4 or +1/2.
When I started playing I bought some inexpensive Adidas shoes.  And while they are good quality, they aren't super comfortable.  Not because of the manufacture, but because being inexpensive there was not much of a range of half sizes or different widths.   Now am wanting to upgrade, so can I get some suggestions as to a good, comfortable golf shoe. Thanks
It will be a year this month since I started playing golf again after 46 years.  I started with a really, really bad slice, which I finally cured, but now I am hooking the ball.  This is happening only with my long irons and woods.  However I am only hooking about 50% of my shots, with the other 50% flying straight or fading a bit.  So I guess I am changing something from shot to shot, but I can't figure out what.    Yes, I am going to post my swing as soon as I get a...
What are the best angles I should video from?
I will admit it, I am a poser. I have been in the habit of using whatever ball is most popular and has the coolest advertising, or is what the pros are playing. I am tired of kidding myself, I am probably an average golfer at best and should really be playing a ball that will be most advantagous to my game instead of my ego. So I would really appreciate some suggestions on the right ball for me and my game.   I average between 100-120 per round My putting normally...
I have been going to Golfsmiths lately to try and determine average yardages for my clubs.  On the spreadsheet I notice that side spin looks to be directly correlated to the offline figure.  A vast majority of my shots have side spin in the -1000 to -2000 range.  How do I correct this? Thanks
I played my first round with my new 3i on Sunday.  I purchased the iron because I hate & can't hit my 3w or 5w from the fairway with any Constancy.  But I wasn't prepared to be averaging (219) 10-30 yards  farther than my driver.  Is there anything I can work on to improve my driving short of taking lessons?
I can't find where to place an order on the the web site.
I want to add a 3i to my set of Ping G25's.  Can anyone suggest a good site for online purchase? Thanks
I started playing back in April and consistantly card between 100 & 120.  One of my bigger problems has been my ability to to stay on, or reasonably close to the fairway. During my last round I began to realize that even though it is a highly exhilarating experience hitting a nice, high, straight drive around 250 yards.  I realized that it was happening only about 20 percent of the time, and the other 80 I was in the rough, trees, hazards, etc. So on the 13th hole I...
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