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I put this in the wrong place, how do I move it into "Balls, etc."?
I admit I have a little troubling following the flight of my ball on drives.  I was using the lime color Callaway Supersoft and found it easier to see than the white, so when they introduced the bright orange I bought a dozen of those. I don't know if any of you have used the orange balls, but I find them extremely hard to see.  Not only in flight but even when they are lying on the fairway. So now Callaway has yellow and blue.   What ball do you all find easiest to...
I finally bit the bullet and sought the help of a PGA teaching pro, and while the first 3 lessons completely destroyed my game (he changed everything for my grip to set up and swing) it looks like during lesson #4 things started to click and all come together.   Here in lies my question.  When practicing my new swing I start out by doing 1/2 swings (9 o'clock position) then 3/4 (around 10-11 o'clock) then full swings (11-1 o'clock).  I have found that with the 3/4 swing...
I need brand names please.
I am looking for a shag bag that will last.  Most of the ones I have looked at online have pretty lousy reviews.  Can anyone recommend a good one? Thanks 
I did notice one thing almost immediately, and that is it feels like I am not gripping the club as tightly as I am used to.  The new grip is one of those soft rubber types, so maybe it just feels that way.
Recently I switched from a Cobra AMP Cell Offset to a Ping G25 Driver.  On the Cobra I was using a Lamkin Crossline Mid-size grip and had a really bad hook.  That is why I switched to the G25.  I played my first round with the G25 (Ping grip) and found that now I was slicing the ball.  I had bought the G25 used from Golfsmith so I was due a free grip, so I had the G25 re-gripped with a Winn Dri-Tac Mid-size, which really feels great.  My next two I hit the fairway with 80%...
+++100 True Linkswear
You are correct, I am pretty happy with my current clubs.  I do need a SW, and have found a few used in Stiff flex.  I replaced my Amp Cell Offset 11.5* with a Ping G25 9.5* and am hitting my drives much better.  So I am considering replacing the Baffler T-Rail+ with a G25 3w, which I have found in stiff as well.  That is why I was inquiring about flex.
I am 60 and play regular flex steel shafts.  However sometimes I find myself looking for a deal on a preowned driver, fairway wood, hybrid or a wedge.  A lot of the time the best deals are clubs with senior flex shafts, or sometimes the used clubs all seem to have stiff flex.  How detrimental would it be to play with one of these? Thanks
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