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Just a quick update and a question. So far really enjoying these irons, I have added some photos. They have been great, and I have been very happy with their performance. In all honesty it is probably the stiffer shaft that has been the best improvement over my old clubs. The only issue that I am having is that the Pitching wedge has a really harsh upright lie angle, different by quite a large margin to my 9 iron, but the 3-9 irons are just fine (standard, similar to...
Just an update on this one.  Have been playing with the TA7 tours for a couple weeks, and these clubs are a much better fit for me than my big berthas.  The dg s300's are much better suited to my swing, and I am hitting the ball about 5 yards farther per club.  I can also control the trajectory of the ball much easier. This may be due more to the different iron heads though.  I like the increased weight of the shafts, it feels more comfortable for me throughout the...
Yes, they were able to determine I was well suited for standard lie and length.  I am 6' with a 35" wrist to floor measurement.
After some research, I ended up going with a used set of Cleveland TA7 Tour Irons. They have stiff Dynamic Gold steel shafts in them, which are definitely an upgrade from the uniflex shafts I've been using. I really like the clean simple look of the clubs and feel as well.
Thank you for the advice, I will take a look at a golf galaxy fitting.
Thank you for the advice! There is a local golf galaxy in my area to look at some clubs, but I've heard mixed reviews about their club fitting. Is that a decent place to go for a quality fitting? Thanks!
Hello all. I am a 16 HC looking to upgrade to new irons, but there is a lot out there so I was looking for some advice. I currently am using 2002 callaway big berthas w/ uniflex shafts. While they are ok, I feel like my play has outgrown them over the years, and I feel like I am hitting them sky high. I also am thinking of getting a stiffer shaft. I hit an 8 iron 150-155 yards on average. I was looking at callaway pre owned, and there is just so much there. Do you guys...
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