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Hello,   I bought a Taylormade R9 driver back in, well, 2009. This is the smaller head version. I took a break from golf between 2010-2012 and am back into it now.    My question is: aside from adjustability, has the technology moved along enough that a new R1 has a significant advantage over an R9 from 4 years ago?   Thoughts?   Thanks.
Thanks for the reply.  I think that is my issue: there is not a universal thickness for grip tape, masking tape, etc., so a "wrap" can really be any number of thickness.   It makes some things, like the chart at golfclubshaftreview.com difficult to use because it will say "standard grip +3 wraps"....but doesn't say how thick a wrap is!
Is a "wrap" exactly like it sounds? One layer of tape that goes around the shaft = a wrap?   Maybe my tape is too thin....it's 3m scotch blue painter's masking tape.
Thanks for the reply. And thank you for the link.   I have the 2" masking tape but I am still confused how 3 wraps of that with a standard grip gets it to midsize, when the hireko calculator says it would take 9 wraps to get to the .96"
Hello,    I am experimenting with different grip sizes because I have always played standard, but some (not all) sizing charts have suggested midsize for me (I wear a large glove, my hand measures 7.75 inches.)   Can somebody help me with terminology like "wraps."  Looking through the forum some folks say that to get to midsize, which is standard + 1/16", you add 3 or 4 wraps of tape. But, looking at tables or calculators like at Hireko, for a butt size of .6 and...
Anybody get theirs? How is it performing?   Golfsmith shows they are shipping and you get $20 off with the Memorial Day sale.  Unfortunately, I can't find a review of the thing anywhere.
Thanks for the replies! I also sent the same question to Taylormade, but have not received an answer.   Interesting to know about the Mizunos. I always told myself that when I got into single digit handicap territory, I'd get some Mizuno blades. Will probably be a while...
Hello,   A few years back, I bought a set of used Nike Pro Combo Tours off ebay. They were 1" long and 2 degrees upright, which is what I believe to be my proper fit. Fast forward to now, and I am considering either re-gripping these clubs or buying new irons directly from Taylormade.     I have never re-gripped before so I decided to experiment on my rarely used 3-iron. I cut the grip off and I saw that my DG S300 has an ugly darker metal extender on the end....
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