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Workout Today:   45min on the Stairmaster. 20min riding the bike.
Have a box of Monticristo #2's and a box of Cohiba BHK52's coming from La Casa Del Habano.
Ended up shooting a 99 yesterday. The pitching wedge is killing me. It is like I am afraid of overshooting the green from 100 yards and I end up slicing it.
Had a very rough back 9 today. Front 9 was fantastic! Due to the back nine and a bunch of wild people playing in front of us I ended up shooting a 99 :(
Ended up shooting a 97 today. Started raining on the back 9. Was wet and hard to hit out of the rough. Played with my father who is 74 years old and shot a 95. Still hits a straight as a arrow 200 yard drive!
Morning Tee Times -Nutrigrain Bar -Water -Cigar... Afternoon Tee Times -Apple or fruit of some sort -Diet Coke -Cigar...
Ended up playing in some very wet and soggy conditions yesterday but still managed to shoot a 100 even. I almost felt the club slipping from my hands every swing!
Played Saturday and today. Saturday I shot a 95 on a par 72 Today I played only 9 holes and shot a 47 on the back 9
Played a 9 holes par 29 course today after work and shot a 38.
Ballston CC is a very challenging course similar to Saratoga Lake. Very narrow and more iron play is needed in order to pay the course correctly.
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