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  I guess I speak for TM when I say this guy ^ falls into the 20%.    There are WAY 2 MANY good golfers that support the R1 and agree it is a top 3 Driver for regular consumers. So saying it is a complete " turd " (<- yes that is actually how you spell it) is clearly self hatred for the brand. Which is OK - its actually common for certain types of people to dislike highly successful winners or products.    You say " It only adds confusion - 168 different settings - just...
Very well explained and the exact information I was looking for....   Fairway woods are my weakness and my long irons follow close behind. So I am looking to get a set of hybrids and see if I can tighten up a bit. Looking more and more like I will be picking up a couple Super S hybrids soon.
You would think they would have a page with them all side by side with extensive descriptions under them to explain the core difference from the other hybrids.   Material, Length, head size etc. Which golfers usually select which hybrid based off of skill level?!?!? 
Ive spent some time looking for a write up on all the hybrids adams golf has out for 2013. Can anyone explain the differences in the 5 different models they offer.   I don't even know where to start?!?!!??!?!     Thanks!
  I agree! I bet without Tigers present in the sport they would have a Larger decline statistic and someone else to blame. Its unfortunate he makes comments like this - I am a taylormade product fan.  I would also have to agree that Tiger using Taylormade products would most likely INCREASE the sales of Taylormade.    The true decline......most likely was in Taylormade sales - while Nike has most likely increased.   I do not have these statistics but I bet I am not too...
Hey Guys, My name is Josh Bellamy. I live in Charleston, SC. This is my first Golf related forum but not my first hobby based forum.   Anyways HEY!
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