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  He has 'bent the rues' the last 2 Tourneys he's played in...........I say that anybody who roots for this guy is VERY liable to cheat on the course themselves. There should be an asterisk put on this Players...........
Once you're labeled a cheater you're always remembered for that. People STILL remember when Vijay supposedly did years ago-we have proof that wood has done it-and got caught (Masters), and now has apparently gotten away with it today..........how many times has he cheated the field over the years? HMMMMMMMM...........I wonder
Do that and call it in-that cheater needs to be busted again! He cheated! WAY too far ahead!
  Maltbie and wood are buddies, of course he'll say that. I'm more inclined to believe Johnny Miller.
  Now WHO exactly is wood gonna blame his water-tee shot on? HAHAHA!
   And it doesn't hurt woods' chances with his watermelons kicking the ball back toward the fairway on 6
    AHHH,  doesn't matter because he has pulled his same act-he doesn't attack on his putts, he lags too much when he gets in contention. I just hope wood wins so his 'followers' get ALL excited for US Open.............so he can fail AGAIN-HAHA!
 Not a big deal in my opinion, if he's a True Christian and proud of it, the more to him. Takes guts............
  YEAH...........all you wood fans see it ONE way (happened in middle of his swing-GHETTO move by wood) and want it BOTH ways! You seem to forget wood whining about cameras in the past-and what about woods' fans yelling at Sergio today when he was putting? Take THAT and shove it!
New Posts  All Forums: