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40 for both dozen shipping included :) 
i can get this on ebay for 50 price is a little high dude 
nice recipe thank you    my only issue is a hummer? WTH get a real 4x4 JEEP nation baby LOL 
i have two putters and switch back and forth, i think it is like my softball bats. i own 8 and use them all LOL    its a mental thing anyways 
i read a lot of threads here but does a different ball really help me shave strokes?   i shoot between 102 and 113 trying to work on my accuracy and short game.    what ball should i play?   currently using burners and pinnacles    i see  a lot of people like the E5 for higher handicaps   also if i mark the balls what is a good sticker for them, i like to be creative :) JK 
typical drives for me are around 375 :)    but my short game needs work :) 
i am the same as the OP, but in softball.    i mash the ball and i mean i can pick any area of the field to hit my shots, or just jack it 350+ with out batting an eyelash.    i did this within 3 months of picking up my first bat.    i also pitch and have had 8 shut outs in slow pitch softball.    i will post a video shortly from my softball board where i basically rule the paltry newbs from that board :)    JK i suck at this game 
i am a high +20 handicap (average 106 per round), just got back in the game.    added a new driver (Nike) and a SW   but own a knock off cavity back set of irons, they are re shafted (+1) to accommodate my size, (6' 4") per a lesson with a club pro.   i would like a new set since these are 10 YO, but do i NEED them? i am working on improving my game first before i shell out any more cash     opinions? 
so i need a charger for on the course?   any leads?     GPS kills my GSIII
Do any of these courses rent clubs? Here on business and want to play
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