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So I'm curious besides the 910d3 head which heads are smaller and have a lower launch?
As a 9 hcp or so i don't expect to double bogey a single hole, but if it happens i focus even harder for the next 3 or 4 holes and ensure i par them.
http://www.titleist.com/images/products/pdfs/2011_Titleist_Custom_Options.pdf I was just going off of this chart on page two. I dont want it super low to where i cant get it up i just want it so its lower than the stock whippy 'stiff' shaft in my stock R9.
Well i need it to be low, my ball ballons really badly so thats my reaasoning switching to a new shaft/head combo.
Really?! no one has an opinion on driver head?
I was playing with a few classmates for the first time. I had talked up how good i was in a joking manner( i really am pretty good). On number one i went and hit it about 10 yards, major topper. Went on to shoot an 84, but it got off to a rough start.
Overstock.com tends to have some pretty good deals on both apparel and shoes. not the best selection of clubs, but its what you would expect.
Or would I just be best suited to keep my R9 head and just replace the shaft?
If you are riding in a cart most courses will charge her the cart fee. If you are walking then most courses wont care.
So i have decided to customize my own head/shaft/ grip combo for my new driver. I need a low launching shaft so i think im going with an aldila RIP Alpha 70. I stay loyal to golf pride new decade multicompound grips so thats locked in as well. My questions is about the head. I dont know what to go with, i was leaning towards the 910 D3 head but im not so sure now. If you had to go with something what head would you guys go for. What has the most pop?!
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