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For the record I thought Wie played well and definitely was worthy of being on the team. I was not happy with her behavior and sunglasses during the interview. Wie wasn't the only one displaying poor sportsmanship though. As an American I was more embarrassed by our teams behavior than our play. The better team won and I'm ok with that. I got away from other sports and watch and play golf more than anything now because Ive always felt that golf put me closer to a...
Wie gets interviewed and still has her sunglasses on. The guy doing the interview covered it up by bringing it up and sayig it was the emotion of the moment.  
A cart that has the features you like and need are a must when walking a course at least for me it makes a huge difference. I carried my bag one round never did it again.
I know this has been said a bunch of times but I broke down and bought the white on white clicgear 3.5+ cart and I can't begin to tell you how awesome this cart is. I had a cheapie two wheel pull cart that tipped over all the time. The clicgear was solid no tips rolled nicely and the net and compartment where great to hold my phone keys and rangefinder all within easy access. I used the umbrella holder and opened the umbrella for shade (the sun and heat were killer...
Clicgear 3.5+ cart for myself  and a Sun mountain micro cart for the wife
3 wood is standard  
We have to lean it into a corner with all the pockets facing the corner
Just bought one for the wife the only complaint I have is that when full loaded it falls foward easily when standing up at home and not on a cart. She still likes it even though I have asked her if she wants to exchange it for something else.  
I have the G25 driver and Ping Karsten putter lol I forgot to put that in I just wasn't sure if there need to be another club between my 19* hybrid and my 3 wood  
I have my driver and 3 wood then 5,6,78,9,P,G/A,S. I have a 19* hybrid and 22* hybrid am I missing something between my 5 iron and 3 wood?
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