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do you have to use a putter? id glady putt with a 3i ;)  
mines current to my personal spreadsheet. calculates the same way as official handicaps are. using the slope and rating to find the differential then taking the best ten blah blah blah
60 degrees is too much. you can just get a sandwedge and open the face and get the same results easily
shot a 39 with no birdies missing 3 short par putts. I am talking about 4-5 feet. I would either leave them about .5 inches short or above the hole and hit it through the break. The greens were in awful shape. All the recent rain made them extremely soft and a lot of foot traffic made the balls bobble all over the green :(   its upsetting that I had an opportunity to shoot even par and blew it on 4 footers. You live and you learn i suppose
I dont know how but it looks like I got bumped from the list. I'd love to participate. I live in Pittsburgh.
I play in a league and we are all allowed to concede putts to our opponents just to keep up pace of play. My partner will concede putts in the 3-4 foot range left and right and it drives me NUTS. No one is giving me any putts.    Never concede a putt - Sam Snead
a lot of these early swings make me wonder how they kept the ball in the fairway.
Doesn't surprise me when the initiation fee is $110,000 to join that place.    You could buy a house in that area for that much money.
I typically play the whites at my course. (about 6500 yards) The blues are our tips. But my tee selection depends on the course. If its wide open i'll play back but if its a  lot narrower i'll play it forward to try and keep some balls from going OB.   There is nothing wrong with playing tees that fit your skill level. I don't think shooting a high score makes anyone better. Play to your skill and build confidence.  
rain jacket and socks in 1 pocket.   balls in another   tees, markers, spikes, gloves in another   wallet watch cell phone keys in another   rain cover in a small pocket   thats about it
New Posts  All Forums: