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The Wilson FG Tour V2's is a beautiful iron set. Beautiful, cutting butter feel, nice weight balance, and they have a nice finish as well. Check them out. 
1. Jason Day -3 2. Sergio Garcia -5
I'd also take a look at these:   http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/wilson-di11-iron-set-5-sw-/321169673741?pt=UK_SportsLeisure_Golf_GolfClubs_JN&hash=item4ac7344e0d http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Wilson-Staff-Di9-Irons-/271244094510?pt=UK_SportsLeisure_Golf_GolfClubs_JN&hash=item3f27686c2e   Both sets are wonderful sets of irons and they seem to be in your price range.
If its the same set of Irons and the price difference is only ten pounds then it might be the better deal. However, if the irons in the iron set are of a higher quality, go with the iron set and pick up a bag later.
I did watch the open last week, it was a wonderful tournament ( nice to see Phil finally win the open). That's the primary reason I would like to play a true links course (not the American definition, which is essentially means wide open fairway and limited trees). I'll check out The Gailes and the others. Arcadia Bluffs looks beautiful.
I'd go with the Iron set for 90 pounds and use the other 10 pounds on time at the range. Besides, I'm sure the quality of the club being sold as an Iron set is much higher than the quality of the club being sold in the complete set.
Number one tip for a beginner or someone improving on their game: Don't keep score! Settle yourself down and don't think about a shot. Play it as if it were an extention of yourself. PRACTICE every swing and find the swing that feels right. Eventually, you'll keep score when playing with buddies. Playing without the harassment of a scorecard is the most liberating feeling on a course.
Again, Dunlop is a great brand to learn the game on. Get a set of Dunlop Irons. Then practice, practice, practice. No need spending money on items you already have. Try to hit the driving range a few times a week and once you get a decent swing going, try playing once a week and not keep score. The score doesn't matter. What matters is what you find within yourself out on the course. 
Hard one to answer. I'm a lover of the history of the game. In many ways, even though my sole experience of him is through his instructional videos, Bobby Jones is one of my favourites of all time. In modern day golf, there are so many I love. For instance, in todays game I am a HUGE fan of Phil Mickelson and Jason Day. I love how down to earth both of them are. However, if I've gotta choice my all time favourite pro, its gotta be Tom Watson. I love the way he plays a...
Looking for an older set of Wilson FG-51 irons. Preferably, one that is still in good, playable condition. Price negotiable. 
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