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This thread is like four years old and the Bushnell Medalist Pinseeker everyone is referring to is still like $250, probably a sign that it truly is a good product, but I was hoping maybe I could get it on the cheap now. Anyone had any success with anything a little less expensive?   I haven't liked any cell phone apps I've used because they drain the battery and seem to be too much of a hassle/work while I'm trying to play.
Charl Schwartzel -7 John Senden -6
For me, this topic is a little ironic. I had the same question about 2 months ago switching from big bertha 2005 and decided to buy the ping I20s. I love the irons, but they did not add distance if thats what youre looking for. more spin and fit my game better now that ive improved, but not more distance.
  Thank you for pointing me in the direction. I really think that could continue to help. As I said there, in the short term it did. I'm definitely someone who's been a bad practicer (? probably not a word) in the past and it really simplified the practice for me to have the 5 basics to keep in mind and some good drills to work on them.
Testimonial for you:   I played golf Thursday, shot 88. Haven't been playing well lately, frustrated, came back to this thread that I was referred to by mvmac. Watched the videos on the first two pages taking notes on things to focus on, drills to work on, etc.   Friday, went to the driving range with my notepad. Large bucket of balls (~100) really took my time. Hit them over about 2 hours at the range. Did the drills, focused on the pointers and specifically #4...
Anyone have any advice to this on some practice drills or things to focus on?   This thread is absolutely right, but part of the difficulty is knowing what to focus on or what kind of drills I should be trying. Can someone really know without getting advice from a pro?   I'm not as good as the guy mentioned in the first post of this thread, but I'm definitely like him at times. I'm the exception (maybe? I'm not sure if a lot of people are this way) that I tend to...
I'm going to Sunday of the US Open with a friend of mine and just for extra rooting interest, we'll be putting some money down on some guys hoping one of them will be in contention come Sunday, here's the list and odds of the guys we're considering, curious if anyone has thoughts on them, has some favorites from the list, etc. Tiger is obviously the favorite, but since his odds are pretty high at 9/2, we might not bother with him.   Graeme McDowell          ...
Yeah I wanted to delete that post, because I realized I misread your response but it wouldn't let me so I edited. 
I feel like it helps have that mental visual of what you're trying to achieve and i see Strickers swing and think that it seems attainable compared to trying to swing like Dustin Johnson or something for an opposite example.
Does anyone here spend much time working/reviewing a specific tour player's swing? I ask because I'm curious if its helped and who you think is a good model. Lately I've been spending some time watching videos of Steve Strickers swing because it seems like a very fundamental, basic swing that could help me remember to stay within myself. Doesnt look like he trys to swing hard, good tempo, etc. Any thoughts?
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