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Yea it has been frustrating. I've been through 3 orthopedic s and completed two diff types of physical therapy. I've been going on to Texas Orthopedics and seeing a physician but he is reluctant to operate. Just keeps giving me shots. Brandt Snedaker had this surgery on both hips. Arod, Lady GaGa and lots of hockey players have had this surgery. I just want to get 100% so I can run again.
Thanks for the good info. The surgery does attempt to repair or just remove the torn labrum cartilage and they smooth the cam type impingement on the bone so it rotates properly again. I recently got a cortisone shot in one of my front hip tendons and it reduced the swelling in my Bursa Sac region. Was able to start light workouts again and finally played golf again this week after a month layoff. Felt great!
I was trying to teach an attractive college girl how to play golf and somehow we ended up in the deep woods in the golf cart. Was strange but hott!
if i only need to hit the middle of the green..probably my 56 cleveland or 52 cleveland baby fade depending on how big the green is.  you would be surprised how many people can hit this shot but cannot hit a 40 yd pitch shot.
i see your point. i wouldnt recommend his club face being closed but more of a closing as it comes from inside out.  maybe he can try setting up right of the target while aligning his clubface with the target.  if he continues to swing outside in, he will probably continue to hit the fade no matter what his setup or grip is. i recommend getting a swing coach for a while. that really helped with me with my big sliceafter six hard months.
nope. i meant weaken your grip. works great for me and my 300 yd drives. If he doesnt change his grip, the club face will never be in the closed position he needs it to be at impact. RTR!
a couple of thoughts. im not sure you can assume the best round of golf was because you hit a fade. its probably more of a comfort thing. once when i regripped some irons, they felt new and more powerful and i shot my best round on that course.   you CAN hit a consistent draw. i hit both draws and fades but only when i need to. i hit a draw mostly off the tee because i want the extra rollout. i like to hit a fade or cut around tucked pins behind bunkers.   its...
ive been to 3 different orthopedics and I have been diagnoses as having FAI(http://www.aaos.org/news/aaosnow/apr12/clinical16.asp).   The last time i played was 4th of July. I could barely finish my round. It has finally caught up with me and I am hanging up my clubs for the rest of the summer until I can get this fixed. My last drive with my driver brought me to my knees in pain. I was so pissed I slammed my driver against the ground shattering a $200 shaft. Its...
after going from mizuno mp 52s to 58, 67 then the past 2 yrs hitting mp 67 blades.   Anyway, I hit ALOT of irons. Im seasoned enough to know that dont mean a damn thing hitting a ball into a plastic wall and watching an animation. The real test is CAN you hit that shot 175 yds out on a hot fairway with 3 strangers waiting on you.   I settled on the AP2s with the KBS tour shaft and i couldnt be happier. I got fitted and Im 2 degrees upright and dialed in. I shot...
Oh i shot a lousy 152. I feel like my game is regressing.   jk
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