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I'm looking for a Cobra 10.5 Speed-LD driver with the Mitsubishi Bassara Lite flex shaft in standard length.  Thanks.
 They also said there would be additional shipping charges on top of the $175 plus whatever it cost me to hip to them initially.  I might have been able to find a new one for that kind of money! Payng $75 seemed good enough for me.
PM sent
PM sent.
Got it back, I'm impressed for $75 . . .    
I haven't gotten it back yet, here's a pic before I sent it to him. The last time it rained in my league, I was planning to dry it off when I got home. But I had too many beers with my cheeseburger basket in the clubhouse and I forgot all about it until a couple days later. I'll post an "after" picture when I get it back.  
I found a guy that does the shiny black oxide finish and sent my Catalina to him last week - $75 for the finish and paint fill. He just emailed me and said he shipped it to me this morning, he's 100 miles from me here in Michigan so I should see it Monday. My fingers are crossed . . .  
Scotty Cameron wants $175 plus tax plus shipping to restore my Catalina. Tom Slither wants $119 plus $19 shipping. I assume it doesn't get any cheaper than the Tom Slither route? 
I sold them earlier this year but I can't remember if I ever found out or not - Old Timer's disease.  I may have called Golfsmith but I don't remember if I got an answer or not - getting old is tough.
After seeing numerous post here about the Mizuno MX20 being some of the easiest irons to hit, and having own a set on Comp EZ years ago, I found a very nice used set on fleabay at a really good price - dang these clubs go long and straight! Best irons I've ever owned.   Two weeks ago I was playing with my son-in-law who was using either Titleist or Pings and sliced his 5 iron into the wind on the last 175 yard par 3. I had already carved my 4 iron pin high. I handed him...
New Posts  All Forums: