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Shot 72 today in a twosome-four ball tourney. Sitting atop the second flight for tomorrow. The new 588s are feeling awesome.
Driver. No doubt. On good days, it's great. On bad days, though, it's miserable. There's a reason Nicklaus said it's the most important club in your bag. My problem is that I'll develop either a pull or power fade and then try to correct it. Then, I'll end up over-correcting and catastrophes ensue.  
I just recently put the 588s in the bag. They are nothing short of amazing. The set I replaced was a combo of Mizuno MX-23 (3-6) and Mizuno MP 60 (7-P). At first, I was a bit intimidated by the smaller head, but after a short stint at the range, all my concerns were firmly put to rest. These sticks are about a club 1/2 longer than my previous irons. They are responsive, lots of feedback. If i mishit one, I know exactly what I did to cause it. Let me tell you though, when...
I've been looking for a golf forum to join. I'm 27 and have been playing golf since the age if 11. I feel like I'm somewhat knowledgable of the game and could possibly offer some helpful advice from time to time. However, I love learning as much as I can to better my game. I'm looking forward to getting familiar with everyone and learning a lot more!
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