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Holy thread resurrection. I'll bite. Holly Sonders. She was featured in Golf Digest a few months back also.
No effing way am I going to go back, ask the guys to move off of the tee box while I retee, make them watch me hit another questionably OB shot again, then hit a provisional this time just in case, then go back out there to look again, then make them watch me end up dropping anyway after losing 3 balls. Nope.
I have a couple buddies that shoot high 90s to low 100s and MUST have expensive gear. They always have bright clothes with bright belts and hats etc. Literally spending thousands on equipment and zero on lessons. But it doesn't bother me because my gear costs the same retail but was purchased on eBay from guys like this that quit after a few months. I also love new golfers that play pro v's. I see it as finding $4 everytime I find one.
That seems very petty. But I bet that guy I just trying to cover his ass if you happen to get hit. Either that or he found out you were sleeping with his girlfriend. ;)
One of my buddies thought I lied about a drive. It was a 320 yard par 4. I pulled it a little left and barely went into some rocks. When we got to the green, I couldn't find the ball to the left. My partner said he found a ball up by the green and asked what ball I was playing. I called it out loud so everyone could hear. Low and behold, it was my ball. Must have bounced off the rocks. The guy who didn't believe me said there was no possible way it was my ball. I told him...
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