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I bought my Sonartec MD 19* on the spot a week or two after the 04 Open. I saw various displays of it's versatility when T.Hamilton was knocking em dead from the fairway and in and around the greens. I just had to have one! The only clubs I've ever bought with out prior testing or research. But, I am seriously considering picking up a 585.h it looks and more importantly, flies soo pure
I use my set wedge. I used to use a 48* vokey 200 until I left it on a hole about 3-4 months ago I think the difference is not really in performance, but in set-up and appearance. My set PW looks more like an iron than a wedge. The Vokey has more of a softer wedge feel to it on all shots. It also looks more playable to me, than my set wedge for chipping and various open face shots. I wouldn't recommend using a Vokey or CG PW if your iron set is an oversize game improvement...
Natalie winning a tournament doesn't make her hotter, to me anyway. I'd go with Anna any day of the week
I was watching the telecast on ESPN earlier and an announcer made a comment about how the next year's US Open tickets usually sell out the Monday after the US Open? Is this true?! Living in San Diego I want to secure my spot for next year so this was a bit shocking to hear. Was the comment just propaganda? I would also like to know what the price of a week's ground pass to this years US Open costs for non USGA members. Thanks guys.
I hit a couple shots on the practice green with a Fourteen wedge it has a really nice setup and it had some nice "yak" action. I can't say that it is any better than my Vokey's. But it is a very nice looking and performing wedge. Probably not worth the $149.99 price tag I've seen on them though. . .
I usually swear by my GF II's and Classics Tours. But I really liked the fit and look of those new Adidas Powerband. I'll probably pick up a pair of those really soon.
Yeah new drivers are always welcome. I cracked the face on my 983k about a year ago. Quick turnaround though.
I think it's a great shaft. I recently bought a 907D2 VS proto 65 S(off the rack) My launch monitor numbers were nearly the same as my old driver (983k 8.5 V2 75 44.5"). I went up one degree with the D2 because I didn't quite have the correct spin numbers with an 8.5 D2 but my launch angle change was something like 13.2(old) to 14.5 which is actually helping me carry the ball a bit more which is welcome. I could've gone for the 80 gram model that has less torque but it was...
I'd take Creamer. Gulbis seems top-heavy not sure why though. She doesn't look top-heavy in her calendar. But seriously, ANNA RAWSON hands down kicks Creamer and Gulbis' A$$ in the style and appearance categories.
Fairway Wood - Titleist 970 or PT (very similar) Tiger Woods was still using his at the start of the 05 season! Irons - Mizuno MP-29 Wedges - Cleveland 588 and Titleist Vokey Spin Milled. Putter - Ping Anser/Scotty Cameron 009
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