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The last three dozen Wilson Staff FG Tour balls for 19.99ea.... damn clearance. Such a great ball at an extraordinary price, too bad they will not be getting any more.
Wilson Staff FG Tour balls on sale for 19.99! Awesome ball for that price. Soft feel and great spin.
I have a leupold gx-3. I absolutley love it. The red led display makes it very easy to read in any condition. It has Improved my approach shots immensely by allowing me choose my clubs more wisely. The course yardages are often far off from the ground marker.
I have the adams wedge set. It is indeed an excellent set of wedges. I hit all the necessary shots with the 56 and 60 around the greens. The 52 is a good 90-100yd gap wedge for me. I sold a taylormade rac 60 a while back and honestly prefer the adams 60. For value clubs they are excellent and will serve you well for a long time. My only complaint was the grip. They are a little cheesy so I swapped mine for lamkin crossline
If you do not like the rust on the wedges or return them to the black oxide finish you can clean the rust away with a brass bristle brush or some light grit sand paper. (1500-2000 grit) to restore the black oxide (also known as bluing) visit brownells.com and search for ortho-blu. It is a DYI bluing salt that you rub on the bare metal and it turns the metal back to black. The more you rub, the deeper the finish. All bluing requires a very very thin coat of oil over the...
Callaways 2012 razr x line is the best club for me in 2013..and years to come.
No... I refuse to believe that it is an advantage to use long putters. It is perfectly legal for everyone to do so currently. If it were a major advatage more people would adopt that style of putting. When the rule change takes affect these players wil find another way to sink puts that they are comfortable with....Kuchar. I use a long putter because I am partial to the weight. For tournament s in the future I will use a heavier conventional putter.... until then I will...
Louisiana. .. hell yes! Or a po'boy of your choice!
I at least try to play 9 holes once a week which is pretty difficult to fit into my schedule. But only get out to play 18 once or twice a month max. I average +5-8 for nine holes and +15-20 for 18... I like to think that I am very much an average golfer. I'm a short hitter, even by internet standards, but I really enjoy the short game, making it a point to practice chipping for 15 minutes or so at least three days a week.
3w or 5w to get over the hazzards.. 7iron for mid range.. putter... You can play chips shots with the 7 and bump and runs with the 3w...choke up on either and open the fave a little on the 7 you should have a variety of shots you can play. Just don't leave the putter at home.
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