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It was 70 degrees here in Toronto today... With 60mph winds. At least the snow has melted.
Yangsta is pretty hilarious. I didn't expect that from YE Yang.
Or OB, or in the trees, or in the water, or in the fescue... The list goes on.
I don't disagree with that, but @billm408 stated "I think most amateurs would have better scores if a pro played their shots from 100 yards and in". I was just disproving that point. 
Mark Broadie and his team proved you wrong by compiling this data from thousands of shots.                  6500-yard course                                 7200-yard courseAm golfer Pro-long/Am-short Am-long/Pro-short Pro-long/Am short Am-long/pro short 80 golfer 70 74 73 78 90 golfer 74 81 77 86 100 golfer 77 87 80 93
So you think that you would shoot a better score if a pro chipped and putted for you than if a pro hit your drives and approach shots?
Read Mark Broadie's book and you'll reconsider your opinion.
http://www.golfchannel.com/news/golf-central-blog/report-caddie-williams-would-consider-woods-reunion/ Would Woods ever consider hiring Stevie Williams again down the road? 
Will he hire Perkin's waitresses?
Tiger Woods
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