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Don't they wreck your back if you have improper form or are lifting heavier weights than you should be?
Snow here as well... Yesterday I was wearing shorts. 
I agree 100% that distance makes a huge difference when it comes to scoring. I gained about 20 yards in one year and dropped from a 16 handicap to a 6.
I did it as well and got 284.
I already found out there was 294 3 putts at the Masters, I was just wondering how that compared to other weeks on tour. 294 sounds like a lot, but it might not be compared to other events. But I'm not going to do what you suggested because it would be too much work.
Some interesting names in the field this week, including the likes of Nick Faldo and Tom Watson. Many Masters contenders are in the field, including Jordan Speith, Jim Furyk, and Matt Kuchar. 
I agree. I think all the 3-putt stat means, if it is higher than normal, is that there are certain areas on the green that are much harder to putt from than other areas. But I still want to know what it is out if curiosity.
Unless I'm missing some hidden text, nowhere in his post does he state how many 3-putts the average PGA tour tournament gets. That's all I wanted to know. As I said, I'm not trying to prove anything I just want to know the statistic.
Gary McCord angered the "Lords" of Augusta and look what happened...
@jamo's post didn't answer my question. I'm just curious; not trying to make a point or anything.
New Posts  All Forums: