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With these Chicago/Anaheim games going into OT/2OT/3OT I take back my statement where I said the West might sweep the East in the final. Whoever comes out of that series is going to be really tired.
After getting Lasik eye surgery this winter I picked up a pair of Flak Jacket XLJ golf prism lenses for my former prescription Flak Jackets. They work very well. The only thing that bothers me is that your skin always looks sunburnt when wearing them
The Rangers are the fastest team in the NHL. I don't even think it's close.
11/12 making the playoffsCurrently 1st in playoff win percentage of all NHL coachesStanley Cup, world championship, and Olympic gold (only person to have all 3)
Not really. The best coach in hockey should be making that much money.
It is very rare for a women to have these 3 features together: sexy body, nice boobs, and a brain. Unfortunately she only has 2 of the 3.
Played 9 holes this evening and shot even par 36. Ball striking is key. Hit 7/9 greens. The 2 greens I missed I made bogey.
None. Any shoe that is not Adidas feels uncomfortable on my feet. Can I ask why you have so many pairs? What is the point of having all those shoes? I can see having two pairs, but that's about it.
The West is just so much better than the East. The fact that LA missed the playoffs despite being one of the best teams on paper shows the depth in the West. I wouldn't be surprised if the winner of Anaheim vs. Chicago sweeps the Stanley Cup Final.
Well, they made it into the Eastern Conference Final. Nice comeback.
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