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Damn, I thought I saw his name in the field. Woods, Daly and Singh?
They should have paired Woods Daly and Weir. That would have been hilarious.
In my opinion, you should be playing the tees in which you can reach all par 4's with an iron on a normal day. 
Oosthuizen's performance makes me thinks he'll defend his win at St. Andrews.
That was the most exciting major to watch in recent years. 
Spieth > McIlroy ?
Hoping for a winning 66 from DJ today to win me the Callaway clubs.     They better make the setup easy. 
Jason Day. I have played competitive hockey with bad shoulder injuries and competitive hockey with dizziness and nausea, and I can tell you that it is much worse playing with dizziness and nausea. I would assume it's the same case with golf. Adrenaline helped ease the pain for Tiger, but it won't help Day feel any better. In fact, it may make him feel worse. 
I was B-fit for Bridgestone Tour B330 golf balls. Louis Oosthuizen -12 Danny Willett -12 Angel Cabrera -12
I have DJ, Molinari, Phil, and Dufner in my pool. I'm pretty happy right now.
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