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While I agree with many of your points, I disagree with this one. Tom Watson was one of the GREAT players from his era. He almost won the 2009 Open Championship, and still makes the cut at PGA tour events and majors at 64 years old. These guys were great players because their skill level was exceptional, not because everybody else's skill level was terrible.
Looking at the bums who are outside the top 10, it would shock me if Watson didn't pick Woods and Mickelson.
I was B-Fit for Bridgestone Tour B330 golf balls. Dustin Johnson -8 J.B. Holmes -8 Mikko Ilonen -8
Why do all of your sentences end in exclamation points!
His singles record is 4-1-1...
I do think that Tiger Woods deserves to make the Ryder Cup team as a Captain's pick regardless of his quality of play in the WGC event and PGA Championship coming up. He has too much experience and too good of a record to leave off the team.
An idea for private clubs is to have a designated time frame twice a week that only a certain skill level can play. For example, on Tuesdays, scratch golfers to 6 handicaps have preferred tee times from 7am-9am. 7-18 handicappers have preferred tee times from 9am-11pm. 19+ handicappers have preferred tee times from 11pm-1pm. Members of each skill level can invite only one member outside of that skill level to play with them on these days. It would really speed things up...
I don't think Tiger will win another major, so I'm going with Rory.
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