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55th Joost Luiten (+4)
34 + 42 = 76 Finished the last 4 holes +4.
First round in the 50's on the Champions Tour. He was -9 thru 8 holes! http://www.pgatour.com/champions.html
I wished they moved the Canadian Open to a less shitty spot in the schedule. I live 10 minutes from the course.
Yup, if he had the field's average for long game he would have finished at T29th. If he had the field's average short game and putting he would have finished T6th. So yeah, long game definitely played a more important role. But if he putted average relative to the field he would not have won. A combination of good driving, approach, and putting gave him the win.
Not surprising. It is surprising though that he was not ranked 1st in strokes gained driving. Dubuisson must have hit nearly every fairway. Also, McIlroy's putting was better than I imagined - he gained 1.1 strokes on the field per round. That's the difference between 1st and 4th place. So it's not fair to say that putting had no factor in his win.
My thread is famous!Wait a minute....
But the field is better now than it was in 2000, no?
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