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The Masters - Bubba Watson US Open - Jordan Spieth British Open - Rory McIlroy PGA Championship - Dustin Johnson
If he wins the next two majors then you could argue that. As of right now... Definitely not.    Could you imagine the hype for the US Open next year if Rory wins the Masters? It has the potential to be the best major championship ever if Rory and Tiger are in the mix after Saturday (and even better if Phil is also in the hunt):  Rory with a chance to achieve the Tiger Slam  Tiger trying to stop that from happening AND end his majorless drought Phil looking for his...
It was 70 degrees here in Toronto today... With 60mph winds. At least the snow has melted.
Yangsta is pretty hilarious. I didn't expect that from YE Yang.
Or OB, or in the trees, or in the water, or in the fescue... The list goes on.
I don't disagree with that, but @billm408 stated "I think most amateurs would have better scores if a pro played their shots from 100 yards and in". I was just disproving that point. 
Mark Broadie and his team proved you wrong by compiling this data from thousands of shots.                  6500-yard course                                 7200-yard courseAm golfer Pro-long/Am-short Am-long/Pro-short Pro-long/Am short Am-long/pro short 80 golfer 70 74 73 78 90 golfer 74 81 77 86 100 golfer 77 87 80 93
So you think that you would shoot a better score if a pro chipped and putted for you than if a pro hit your drives and approach shots?
Read Mark Broadie's book and you'll reconsider your opinion.
http://www.golfchannel.com/news/golf-central-blog/report-caddie-williams-would-consider-woods-reunion/ Would Woods ever consider hiring Stevie Williams again down the road? 
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