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He recently won 2 European Tour events and an Asian Tour event.
The app definitely has some accuracy issues. I just laser'd a par 3@145 yds. Hit it pin high and said I hit it 101 yds.
That is the strangest hole-in-one prize I have ever seen. 
I'm a little surprised that Winnipeg got swept. Anaheim might be the team to beat this year.
I can't really complain because pretty much all courses are now open here, but these next couple of weeks are looking really shitty.  
I'm a digger. Was told as a kid to hit down on the ball. I think I took that advice too literally. My divots are similar to Sergio Garcia's. 
I would certainly give it a try. I don't think you'll be able to get into the 150mph range with 3 inches more shaft though. 
Hey! So you're not trolling!    Not the 140-150mph swing speed that was originally claimed but still impressive nonetheless.  Was expecting you to be either a troll or clueless.    As for swing advice, there are plenty of members here that can help you. Start a my swing thread and contribute more on the forums and you'll get some good advice. 
If this is the video you will be honored as the greatest troll in SandTrap history:
Has anybody tried using the app yet? Is it accurate?
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