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"but in no way was the comment meant in a racist manner." Please explain...
Sergio is, plainly put, a moron. I don't know how someone that has a head as big as his can make it playing a game that requires a good mind game. I'm slowly gaining a little more respect for Tiger since the scandal, mainly because he's getting so much bull crap from the media lately. 
Shoot under, oh say, 85 in 3 days; and punch my ticket to the state tournament.
The picture is what the hole looks like, to a point. That ruleing makes sence, except on this hole it is a giant cliff behind the hazard haha. The course was made on an old iron ore mine, so it is rather hilly. I'd have to go back and check, but I'm pretty sure there isn't a drop area on the hole. Seems like a good idea though.
If it was marked lateral then how would you abide by the "two club lengths no closer to the hole" rule? I'd think you would have to go to the other side of the hazard but then your not playing on the point of entry. If a course has a hole setup like this then I think there should definently be a drop area, like Golfingdad said.As for Sawgrass, you'd think there'd be a drop area somewhere for those of us that would have to get lucky the 6th or 7th try haha.
I do a lot of lifting, mainly because I play football but I see the benefits in golf too. Do you ever find yourself hitting a shot way further than normal after a workout day? Because just last week I was playing in a tournament and was about 160 yards out, pulled out my 7, and absolutely crushed that sucker 30 yards past the green. Could this be from the constant gaining of muscle or just hitting the ball that pure?
Me and my golf coach were talking today about a situation one of the players on our team got in involving a yellow staked, direct hazard.   The hole was a par 3, with water in front of the green and behind, both marked with yellow stakes. The player hit the ball into the hazard behind the green, or the one furthest out. They then weren't sure how this would be ruled and asked some coaches observing near by, and they didn't have a first clue. So they just re-teed and...
Been playing for 5 years now. Still studying in school, play golf on my schools team. Coach says my swing is identical to Adam Scotts, not sure if I believe him, but the confidence boost is nice. I go to compete in the playoffs later this week, and I've got the potential to make it to state, so wish me luck.
New Posts  All Forums: