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It comes in both color combinations. I have the white and orange in X flex and the black in a stiff.
Ya I've googled and googled and googled, I've found plenty of similar models. But nothing exact. I figured I was just ask and see if anyone knew anything on here. Thanks though.
Ya tried google and nothing came up. I looked on ironfinder.com and a few others but nothing matches.
I've found a few clubs similar but none with this diamond cut on the back. I know it's from the 60's but that's about it. Any info would be great. I don't care about price, I'm gonna clean up the set and save them, they were my grandfathers clubs.[IMG]
Do you have an archive for Arnold Palmer sets also?
For average and slower swing speeds it's works great. It's a different feel and sound than titanium but all in all it's a good cheap driver.
OK because I really don't feel like playing this game anymore I wont get into that fact that weight placement on that flat piece of iron can affect ball flight not just the direction of that iron, I will retract my previous statement and let you think what you will.
If that were even remotely true than all irons would be the same and there would be no difference between blades and GI irons.
Well now you are just going against yourself, was it not you who just posted this?  Is it really that hard to not try and assume you know more than someone else? Especially when I came on here and gave an example of something that worked for "me" and if you look back I stated 
And the Fact is "unless" hit on the sweetspot it is harder to shape a shot with a GI iron. (Not saying a miss hit with a blade is going to be a good shot but it will have more shape than with a GI)
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