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I can definitely live with ugly looking club and tinny sounds, as long as I get pretty high launch and distance from the club. It does help that it is forgiving as well!
Can anyone explain why this is different from your typical hybrids?? It's definitely shorter than hybrids! Would you recommend someone who is about 12 handicap for this type if clubs! I am currently using Titleist 585 hybrids but thinking about switching to these iron replacement! How is the tragetory and launch angle?? Anything would be helpful!
I am getting really serious about golf and I was wondering if anyone give me some pointers on proper grip pressure. I tend to grip down hard when swinging the club. My question is how hard should i hold my pressure in both hands?? I am using mp67 mizuno with 5.5 PX. My swing speed for the driver is about low 90s.
my bad, what i meant was Precision Rifle rather than Project Rifle.  Quite similar shafts huh???
Yeah it was a 5 iron over water. 186 carry all the over water, one bounce and in. I was so happy. Even looking around for the people at the next tee to see if they saw it. ⛳
Does an ace count if there is no one to see it?? I had that happened to me and no one was there to witness it.
I am not sure of anything coming out soon with Mizuno. Just check out the blades from Mizuno.
Welcome, we'll I just joined too.
It's the same as the project x. 5.5
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