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Oh yeah it happens to everyone including the ones that you watch on sunday afternoons.... One time years ago in a big high school golf match i literally made nothing over 2 feet the entire day, worst round of my life.
I'm normally that guy that noone expects to be any good and then at the end after a string of maybe 10-12 pars in a row during the heart of the round I have beaten them. But I guess for me it would have to be when I got it handed to me by a guy 50yrs my senior and I shot high 70's. I was 22 and he was somewhere in his late 70's and he shot right around par.
I wasn't aware that the ruling bodies of golf would be coming to a local country club near you and checking your putter. What's it matter what one decides to use in a local round just for fun? I get it if it's a tourney though
I personally don't gave a problem with smoking on the course as it something I grew up with but there is no excuse for throwing buts on the ground and leave trash on the course.
I keep mine in a toolbox in the back of my truck all the time, never keep tools in it at all so its just the clubs and a couple folding chairs. I have the ability to keep them locked and they stay out of the weather all the time. Also am able to keep extra ball, tees etc... in it without taking up truck space
New Posts  All Forums: