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Just wanted to say Howdy out there to other Houston Area hackers and Woodlands area hackers. 
Well I got it below retail price of the equipment, so the 4 rounds of golf were free basically.  Pretty crazy.  Now I just need to get out and test the new stuff to see if I like them better than my current stuff.  I actually had just ordered new shafts for my irons that are sitting at Golfsmith waiting for me to pick up.  So need to make a choice, so I can at least return those.  Still crazy that my wife gave me the green light to bid on them, and she wasn't even drinking...
Not the golf store, but at charity deal and bid/won a set of all new Titelist stuff. AP1s 4-AW with S300 shafts 913 driver 913 3 wood 913 19 deg Hybrid A few Vokeys Scotty Cameron Newport Lightweight cart bag Umbrella Towel Box Pro V1 4 4somes of golf I had drinks before bidding Now I have to decide what to do with my G25s and current stuff
had to use some GolfGalaxy coupons, so grabbed a Ping hat, a dozen Taylormade Project (a) balls and an oh so important pair of socks.
Yeah I have a 5.0 on my old putter and I really like it. However I had been testing putters with the 3.0 and decided I liked it the same, plus it fits in the golf bag a lot better.
Put a SuperStroke Slim 3.0 on my Versa #7.  
From CallawayPreowned, bought Xhot 5 wood, Xhot 4 Hybrid and a 36in white Versa #7.  I can't imagine buying anymore clubs for 12 months. Will likely head out to put a SuperStroke grip on the new putter though. Balls, Tees, Gloves, some clothes or little things are all I can foresee purchasing for the next 12 months. 
I just picked up my driver that I had cutdown a half inch, so paid for that and the grip.  Then a cleaning tool.  However, I keep going and testing the Odyssey Tank #7 Versa SuperStroke putter and it's making me crazy.  I have been on the shelf for a over a month with putting the only thing I could do. If I ever have a putt on carpet competition in my house I'm going to make a lot of dough.  Man, just don't know about dropping the coin.
Grabbed a White R1 Reg Flex shaft from Golfsmith.  Had to use the giftcard I got that was burning a hole in my pocket.  
Order from Galaxy another pair of Ecco Street Golf shoes after wearing my one pair around friday just as regular shoes. they are freaking comfortable even on pavement all day
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