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Driver - Don't own 3 Wood - ATM about 230 yards to the right of my target 3 I - 220 4 I - 200/205 5 I - 190 6 I - 180/185 7 I - 170 8 I - 160 9 I - 150/155 PW - 120/130 Putter - 1/2 putts.
This is exactly my problem too. Range I can put them the direction I want and the distance I want. Get to the course and they seem magnetised to either the bunkers, the OB sticks or worse, two fairways left or right of the one I'm aiming for. That's when the stress and annoyance set it and it's a slippery slope from there. I'm still yet to find the ability to compose myself and improve on the rest of my round. 
Had a lesson to try and find out more about where I was going wrong and basically reset my swing. Balance was mostly on the toes, right leg didn't have any flex and as a lot of you said I was sliding rather than coiling.    Here's my latest update from last night at the range. Sorry that the image is so dark but I was there myself and just had to film by propping my phone on a bench.    My ball flight is much better now that I've addressed these problems.   
  Yeah I've started working on that over the past few days. I was taking the weight shift too literally rather than coiling as you say.    I'll have to give that two finger right hand a go next time I get the chance. What effect would that have on my game if my right arm is dominating the swing?
Thanks for the feedback. This is my swing slowed down quite a bit from before. My previous swing was just full on fast as possible arm swing. 
I think as a brand the logo looks quite good. It's in your face and will definitely leave an impression. Colour scheme isn't too garish and is quite chilled, but modern at the same time.    It is a nice website, but in terms of a marketing a product, I don't know if it does its job. I think you need to incorporate some sort of technological aspect. Like perhaps include graphics of the devices it supports.    Perhaps take some inspiration from...
Hi Agne,   Can I ask first what the aim of the website is? Is it for a brand or a web store? I'm afraid I can't read Danish, so not sure what the website is looking to get across to the user.    The design is nice and definitely very modern. 
Set of Wilson Di-7 irons for £100. 
Little Update.   I stumbled across a set of Wilson Di-7 irons 3-SW in a local store in the second hand section (but they looked pristine) for £100, so ended up going for them. Hopefully they should help improve my game somewhat.    Thanks for the advice everyone. 
I am a recently graduated student and have just landed myself a job as a Search Engine Optimist at a local online media company. 
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