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The Open set a record with over 10000 accepted entries for the local qualifiers.  This is pros and amateurs (amateurs with 1.5 handicap or better). My grandson, Eric McCardle (age 24), tied for first in Las Vegas out of a field of 153. Tough course at  TPC Summerlin as the tied medalists were 1 under on the 18 hole qualifier.  He will play at Olympic Club and Lake Merced on 2 June.  Thirty-six holes in one day to test for skill and stamina.  Hopefully, then on to...
This will be the first year that the Women's Open will be the next week at the same venue.  An experiment............   The USGA strikes again.  Condition of the greens, practice range, possibility of weather delays, on and on.  Doesn't seem too smart to me.
There are over 200 courses in Maricopa County, AZ.  Quite a few have failed.  The USGA is overly concerning itself with rules infractions and equipment changes. (outlaw long putters???) The best they can do for a "make golf more popular" campaign is the  "While we're young" placards for speeding up play.  Many of the ideas voiced in this thread are viable and well stated.  Perhaps we need to quit preaching to the choir and let the USGA know our thoughts.  Making 9 holes a...
Have added a side view as well on this ball.  Still no input  
Last trip to Golfsmith I bought a Garmin Approach S-3. Luv it !! 
You bet, Shipmate, looks a lot like this.
A question if you please. We live on the 12th fairway of the Legend at Arrowhead Golf Course in Glendale, AZ.  We are about 230 yards from the tips on the slice side.  Needless to say, we get quite a few golf balls in the yard.  Today I found a ball I was totally unfamiliar with, a Nortic.  Can't find it on-line and no one around here has seen one.  Any info?
You see, we live in Washington 6 months, then in Arizona 6 months. So while we don't live in both simultaneously as you thought to assume, we do it alternately.  As for San Diego, in 20 years of Naval service I spent far to much time there.  Literally speaking we would probably be "rainbirds" considering Seattle's weather.  Hope this clears this up for you.  
Hi all, Looking forward to chatting with you all on occasion.  I retired last year from Boeing with 28 years as an senior avionics engineer.  Worked on design, program management, and customer fleet introduction on 777, 747-8, and 787,  Prior to that I retired as Master Chief (E9) Avionics Technician, U S Navy.   We are now snow birding between Sammamish and Glendale.  We live on the 12 fairway of the Legend at Arrowhead Golf Club here in Glendale.
New Posts  All Forums: