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...where's my popcorOHDERRITIS.  
it seems most iron sets have 4* gaps between clubs -- though in my recent experience, i played the best round of my life with a short set, with anywhere between 6*-8* between my irons/wedges.  this got me thinking that each player must have a 'breaking point' where the gaps become too large for comfort.   so, if you were building/buying a personalized set of irons, think about how much of a gap you could safely leave between the majority of your clubs (i.e. mid and...
i did it earlier this season, started playing much better.     using 3w or 3i off the tee, finding more fairways, having more fun.   give it a shot, only way you'll know is by trying!!
  absolutely agree.  and (someone will surely disagree with me, here) there's a big difference between a higher percentage shot like that ^^ and almost every amateur who waits on a 300+ yd shot.   i get the whole "i'd rather play it safe" bit, but c'mon... i have to wonder if players are contributing to the pace of play problem without even realizing it.   "i dunno, guys... we got a tailwind on a hot day, the fairways are like concrete, high tide and a full moon tonight,...
  that's the funny thing with these types of players, though -- if they only hit it that far 1 in 20 times, it isn't their 'best' shot.   the question becomes, will they figure that out on their own, or do they need someone to point it out to them??
yes, i'm aware of the Phrankenwood -- i was basing what i wrote off what i heard during the Open Championship.  the commentators noted Phil was using a 12* strong 3wood that was more like a 2wood.  turns out it was actually 13*.
  IME, the stranger usually humiliates himself... last weekend i sliced a shot in front of an adjacent par 5 tee box, and politely waited for the twosome on that tee to hit their shots before i went to my shot.  they were nice, funny guys -- but literally waited until the guy in front of them was past the 200yd marker to tee off, even noted, "i better not tee off yet", et al.  now, this was a 525yd hole -- all due respect, but i've never seen anyone drive 300yds without a...
  nice -- similar experience golfing with my dad when i was in my teens.  executive course, 240+ par 4, he nutted his drive.  got up to the green, nowhere to be found, there was a bunch of deep bushes behind the green that we figured he hit in.  he looked for a minute but the brush was so heavy, he decided to drop... i went to tend the flag for his chip, looked in the hole, and there it was.  he couldn't believe it, thought i dropped in a ball and was messing with him --...
i heard it was actually 12*, and not a 'driver', per se... more of a 2wood without the label.
  i think that pretty much says it all... do what you think will work.  you'll never know until you try.
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