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Do you let your elbow fly on your backswing? This seems like personal preference to me, I've always let my elbow fly some because it never felt natural to try and keep it perpendicular to the ground.  There have been great players that have used both ways...
I've tried this technique before and it comes down to trust.  Do you trust that you can hit the ball solid?  I think it's a great way to to quit watching the putter blade draw back like so many golfers do.  It forces you to rely on instinct, and trust in your ability to make a good stroke.
I had trouble with my 3 wood off the ground for quite awhile.  What I learned for me was that hitting a fairway wood off the ground requires 1) Low and slow like mentioned above, and 2) a slightly flatter swing than any other club.  Consciously taking the club back slightly farther inside helped me rip my 3 wood, and I quit chunking it or hitting heel fades off the fairway.
I don't think you will be able to hit solid golf shots if you are consciously thinking about keeping your head "still."  I think it helps to keep your chin up, so you have plenty of room to turn your left (right for lefties) shoulder under your chin.  I've seen players who move their head quite a bit, but they move in consistently which still allows them to be consistent ball strikers.
3/4 backswing would likely mean you are hitting the ball lower, which is great ball flight with a 3-4 iron.  Swinging shorter also helps you hit the ball more solid.  I've found that this is a great way to play and practice, most importantly is to make sure to still make a good shoulder turn to avoid getting too quick and getting in front of the ball at impact.
I'm an Assistant Men's Golf Coach for a D1 school.  Primary responsibilities are recruiting, scheduling, fundraising, and helping our team get better!
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