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Love this cover!
Was out this past weekend. Saw nothing that came close to the 19-pointer I shot last year... and probably never will again. However, I did take a 7-pointer on Sunday morning before heading home. 
Haha. Can you imagine being the guy responsible for making Nadal forget who he is!
I'm about half-way through the 2nd season now. I completely agree!
Is it actually on Netflix?! I could have sworn I checked there and did not see it. 
I finished up the 4th season of Walking Dead last week. Really looking forward to the new season in a few weeks. I also started watching Suits. Loving it so far.
Wow, this sucks! From the few articles I've read through, it sounds like it has something to do with him disciplining his 11 year-old son with a switch. Obviously, none of these articles have any detail what-so-ever. In general, I think our society has become so soft it's ridiculous. Everyone is so concerned with how others discipline their children. You can't even spank a child without having to worry that they'll be taken away. Of course, there is still a distinction...
Haha, I was going to ask the same thing! I'm taking 9/30 at 2:12PM
You're a good man 
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