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I'm from the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.
As do I, as do i... It actually got up to the 30s in MN this week! woo
I know you guys hit it earlier, but I saw American Sniper this past weekend. Wow. Very well made and Bradley Cooper was excellent! Definitely agree with the easy birdie. 
Suits season 5 premiere tomorrow night!
We just finished watching the first season of Silicon Valley. I thought it was pretty funny. Quick and easy episodes that you don't have to pay too much attention to. 
My wife and I are taking an early flight tomorrow to Orlando to meet up with some friends for the MN Gopher bowl game! Looking forward to getting out of the cold and enjoying a long, warm weekend!
Just finished the first season of The Newsroom. So far, it's been very good.
Saw Horrible Bosses 2 last week. Birdie. Those guys are just hilarious together. 
Love this cover!
Was out this past weekend. Saw nothing that came close to the 19-pointer I shot last year... and probably never will again. However, I did take a 7-pointer on Sunday morning before heading home. 
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