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Yep, I caught it too. I love Mad Men. Looking forward to this season for sure.
I've got Stroud, but at least he started on the bench. I don't think my roster this week will be bad necessarily... It just would have been more fun if I had remembered to make new picks.
I was so busy trying to set up a few Masters pools that I'm in and forgot to change my line-up for this week!
That's a good point. I think what I meant to get at is that in both brackets, only myself and a couple other people had 2/4 final four teams right, with most having only 1 (Florida) or 0... And no one at all had a correct pick for the final 2.
When UConn beat Florida, I won both my brackets (and not because I picked them, haha). It's pretty rare that a bracket challenge is decided before the final four round is even over. Oh well
Saw Warpaint in concert last week. Highly recommended if they come to your area!  
Hahaha, great find. This one was perfect!
I especially enjoyed the cop that shows up at 1:17 and proceeds to the beat the crap out of the guy's legs, even though theres already about 10 officers pinning him down...
Haha - Well I would consider over-punctuation better than none at all. By no means are my grammar and punctuation always correct, but I try! Anyway, I am not familiar with that one, but it seems that it is not what you'd call a "light" read!
I agree with Lihu - You will find a large population of helpful and knowledgable golfers on this website. I don't know much about the golfing community in Orlando, but I will offer you this advice - In future posts, try to use punctuation (most importantly, periods). It is very difficult to interpret an entire post written like that and you will likely get a lot more responses when writing in an understandable manner.
New Posts  All Forums: