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I went for a Habs themed paintfill ;)        
You sure can, it's easy. Check out          what I did to mine :)
I have got a whole new setup for this year, look out Par, cause here I come!      
Not sure if anyone has already seen/posted this or not, but for those who haven't its a great tool in helping to choose a new iron set. It's the Matlby MPF Chart (Maltby Playability Factor), which is basically every major OEM's irons broken down into a numerical rating for Playability/Forgiveness. There even broken into categories of UGI, SGI, GI,Traditional, ect. Look it up, It's a really cool and usefully chart. :)
I did it with a right handed driver flipped upside down swinging lefty on asphalt one day first try lol, it went over the rink and out into the lake well over 200yds. I wish I could hit that straight with my normal driver
This is before I made changes today, I dropped my 3 wood for a 64* wedge and went back to my old Callaway 4.0 lbs stand bag as I its much lighter then the Adams. Only one Wood left in the whole bag now. I'll get the new pics up in the morning.
That an almost full 52* for me on a good day
I once played a round with an organized crime "BOSS" and his two top men, there the most famous people you'll never hear of around here
I second this. ^
I spent the last 4 days driving all over creation trying to find a matching set of wedges as I'm a lefty and no one store has a very large selection of lefty gear. I finally did find and get a set of 52* 56* 60* Powerbuilt CNC Milled Wedges that feel and work great for me but it was a pain in a the know what to find the "Matching set" but it woulda drove me nuts if they weren't all the same. Does everyone else go through this nonsense or does it not matter to you?
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