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Cool stuff, I knows me golf equipment pretty well at this point ;)I just wasn't sure if I was understanding your question right or not lol, have a great day sir :)
Ahh, I get ya. Thanks :)
I'm not sure I follow what your saying?? It looks like a normal head to me with a painted on ripple in the flag??
Here is a link to each article in Toms series of articles on club fitting, He has over 30 years of experience in club design and fitting. They are a very good read for any interested in learning more on the subject. [[SPOILER]]
Go with with what "feels" right and what gives you the best results. Sometimes it's requires a lot of testing to find that best setup, good luck in your search :)
Sorry about that, was sending that add to a buddy looking for a wedge lol. Here's the proper link to the article :)http://www.golfwrx.com/261559/wishon-what-length-should-your-golf-clubs-be/
I play my driver at 44", and my fairways at -1" from stock. My irons are -.5" and really like it this way. Tom Wishon wrote a really good 12 part series of articles about club fitting and length was one part of it. I highly suggest reading it. There is a lot of great information on the subject in there. Have a great season :)
Not necessarily, a 46*/48/ bladed wedge will launch the ball lower than a 45* gi set wedge that's designed to get the ball"in the air". So you'll get a little more distance out of it vs the matching sets wedge of the same loft so you can have a bit more of a loft gap there if needed.
Any time man, have a great season :)
Well if fat shots are your big miss I'd recommend going with the original ATV's which can be had for a decent price now or any other High bounce wedges(10*/12* and above) with a wide sole.
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