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As much as I respect Jack as one of the all time greats, I can't side with him on his views on golf. All games change over time. Technology allows for better clubs, balls, tees, gloves, even clothes and shoes. All of these things make golf more competitive. How can anyone be against a more competitive game? Players and manufacturers use science and technology to see what gets the best results. I understand that his generation didn't have these things, but current players...
the main thing is that they're not tacky enough  for me. they're also a hair hard.
Dick's has good deals on cheap box sets usually. I bought a box set that including everything but golf balls and tees for about $200 from there when I started playing a year ago. I reccommend starting with a cheap set to make sure you have the patience for the game as you're learning it. Some people dont. And if you learn to play well with cheap clubs, you may seen a good increase in performance when you finally do decide to upgrade your set.
Personally I have Cobra Amp Irons and I absolutely love them. They're very very long and straight as well. I can spin the ball and change the flight pretty easily with them as well. I don't like the bright colors on the grips, but the lamkin grips that they came with werent my favorite either. You can easily change those. 
I know you didn't post for one, but I have a Ben Hogan Apex 2i that's in pretty good shape. Extremely hard to hit club. 
No my course is a crap hole in the middle of nowhere. The conditions are horrible and the "pro shop" only has a couple of cases of golf balls and some tees. They don't have a pro here. I only play here because there's nothing else within a hour's drive.
Driver:Taylormade RBZ 10.5* 3W:Mizuno MP650 3H by Warrior Golf 4i-GW Cobra Amp Irons  56* wedge by Walter Hagen 60* wedge by Warrior Golf Maxfli long putter
Thanks for the ideas folks. I don't have a golf shop within a 2 hr drive of me. There's a local guy who charges $5 a grip, but I think I'll just change them out myself based on how easy it seems. 
i've been playing the bridgestone E6. I love the way it feels around the greens. I have a 110+ club speed, but I like the softer balls. They fit my game better at this point. I liked the older taylormade RBZ balls. not the uryethane ones. although they aren't too bad either. but the bridgestone e6 has been great for me
that's understandable. personally i'd rather work on fixing my swing and being consistent with that instead of using a club that corrects that weakness for me. just my thoughts. I'm impressed with the cobra irons. they are straight and looooooong. I'm reaching par 5's in two now with a 4i. which is a first for me being as I've only played for a year. 
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