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I think that's just part of the game of Golf, complaining lol. We really have no one else to blame for our golf game but our self. So we chose to blame the course,the noise, the birds etc LOL Its the golfer vs the ball!.  
I like that there's complaining and whining, that there struggling out there like the rest of us, or just me LOL. There struggles are light years from mine, but there human and when there frustrated?, well they get upset just like us. I do love how they contain there composer!, i learn a lot from that and still learning.
Ya that's true,,very true. I my self like to look at it as,  if not on the green, get on the fringe or just off(with in 5 to 10yards). There, i am more like 80% on. Chip It close 1 put for par or bogey and I am walking away pretty happy. My Issue is actually two fold,like I said getting to read the green,i always say i should of been a gardener to be a good putter. My eyes always fail me. Then, control over the ball,Driver,irons putter does not matter. I get over the...
So I am not long off the tee usually I am 240 to 250, pretty straight,most of the time. My second shot I am usual 140 to 160 out on par 4's. I hit the greens about 40%, chipping is ok to pretty good and I have accepted the fact I am a Par Bogey golfer,par's are my birdie's LOL. My big issue Is reading greens, putts feel good but I miss read the break and or the speed almost all the time. I avg just over 2 putts a hole,not horriable but i could shave that down if i could...
  getting stomp?, I made my opinon,weather you all like it or not,its just a opinon. Maybe the long time members should have a more open mind?, and not so close off. I came on here to talk golf not getting so called "stomp on". I did not care what they thought of my comment,i respected there side,but to say i should just fold in because they have been here longer, no!. Don't worry i will leave you guys to your good old boys club, kind of like golf use to be,only open to...
I always joining a group or going out by my self, but I am always solo. I pretty much play the same way,i am a boggy golfer. I found out when I play by my self, i rush my self a bit. Its something i have to get out of the habit of doing. I should actually play better.
that Is great, i always try to play under 3.50,never can do it. And shooting a 82 on top of that great job.
wow you have some real built up bitter Aggression!. I do not make up score to make my self look better then others, i play the game that makes me feel better,nobody else. Again cheating only comes into play if I better my self aganinst someone else. You seem to lose that fact that I play only for my self. You go on believeing what you want and I will contenue playing the game,my game, they way I wan,t and at the end of the day thats all that matters. Now that is...
Working on better wedge play, inside 80yards. I get it there, but i am usually sitting near the outer green so i like to get it closer to the hole. Also my putting,or i should say my green reading!. I can not read a green to save my life!.At the end of the day if i could master reading a green i would be a happy golfer.
Being a Cheat!, like cheating in what?. What have I claim to cheat? a handicap?, a handicap that's mine!, i bought the right to post anything i want. Now If i go and post a score In a tounerment,useing my handicap then yes then you would have a argument,wich in turn sounds like what you really want anyways!. You go play your XXXX game anyway you want and i will do the same. I will post any score i want, and If you don't like it,well then you will just have to live with it.
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