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It’s refreshing to read that you have so much enthusiasm. I have been trying to get my wife into golf for 2 years and one of the reasons I told her I love the game is the enjoyment of improving and the occasional par or birdie that makes all the practice worthwhile.   I am not a terribly good golfer but I love the process of improvement and while my scores do not reflect it I know I am hitting the ball very well compared to 12 months ago when I took up the game...
I am a high handicapper however I can still relate to what you are going through. I started to take the game seriously last summer so have been working with a coach once a month since August of last year and I have seen a lot of improvement in my technique however my scores are still around the mid-nineties or above and are not coming down but much at all. This is mainly because I make poor judgement calls on the course, I choose the wrong shot, I get my yardage wrong, I...
Hello all,   My name is Lee and I am an avid golfer from West London in the UK. I have been tracking my stats for almost 2 years now and my unofficial handicap stands at 26. I often think this is too high however when I walk off the course most often the wrong side of 100 I suppose it is probably about right!   I look forward to conversing with you all on all things golf!   Lee
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