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Gordo is right, the way the shaft in the RBZ is set up, raising the loft closes the face, and vise versa.  
For the woods and putter, if you feel comfortable with them, then you should most certainly keep them and not switch.  As for the driver and irons, an older Nike or PING model is probably the way to go.  
Set of PING G25 irons, 4-W, Black Dot, Stiff Flex.
Driver: 225 3 Wood: 200 3 Hybrid: 185 4 Iron: 175 5 Iron: 165 6 Iron: 155 7 Iron: 145 8 Iron: 135 9 Iron: 125 PW: 115 52*: 90 56*: 75 Putter: Don't need to use it.   Keep in mind I'm 5'7" 125 lb soaking wet, also I'm 15 and that's carry.  
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