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Haha you guys read my mind.
From 100 yards and in, if the green allows I mostly always try to attack the pin.  My short game isn't what kills my score the most.  It's my offline drives and everything else haha.
Also, some people play double par rules. I have played a few times with some buddies where we have done 11 being the highest you can get. After that, it's "shot limit exceeded" like in the Tiger Woods PGA Tour games.
I think this is causing me problems at the moment as I have graphite shafts. My clubs just don't feel as heavy as maybe they should.
Are you bending too much in your knees or putting too much bend in your waist/hips? It sounds like that could be an issue that causes your "arm crunch". Also, being a T-Rex would kind of suck. You can't make a bed, you can't play golf, etc. Lol.
This. That's awesome! I want to check out Nona Blue some day. He seems like a really nice guy.
I would most likely go with the high lob shot.
150yds is a stock 9 iron shot for me. I once hit one great that went 175-180 yards carry with no roll (winter conditions and no wind either). No idea how or why it went that far as I hit it great but have never it that far before. I had to double check on google maps that the marker was 150yds since I completely flew the green, and sure enough it was.
I entered. I hope I win! I could really use some new equipment!
This is a good post. Feel and mechanics really go hand in hand. I consider myself a feel player, but I have considerable knowledge relating to the physics and mechanics of the golf swing.  Therefore, I can analyze my swing (videos) and get into ideal positions since I understand what they are, and then that's where feel kicks in and I feel what it's like to be in that position and swing a certain way.    As for my short game with a wedge, that's probably where I am the...
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