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 A little depressed that a blonde woman running her hand through her hair on TV has generated so much discussion.
I hear Henry Kissinger also follows her... apparently her opinions on foreign policy are insightful.
 Semi off-topic but when I was studying Computer Science, I had a class where on the first day, the teacher (an adjunct) gave us a writing test (prose, not software).  The second day of class, she came in and explained:  It had nothing to do with the course, but 12 years later I still remember that ridiculous teacher being more concerned with where we put our quotes than designing correct finite state machines.
All you need is 10,000 hours and a blog.
I can't name a single American soccer team.  What's that prove?  That I don't care about soccer... whoopy. As for Rory, I'm surprised at the number of posts saying that not being American somehow counts against him with American golf fans.  The world is a mighty small place in 2014 and as it's "only" golf I would have expected that ability and character matter more than where a person was born.
That was hilarious!  Thanks!
 As long as they have something to write about, I don't think they're particularly worried about what it is they are writing.  
 What's the difference?  Or was it just the misunderstanding regarding the legal aspect?
 I'm sorry, you're grading my morals? Ok, so basically I'm not financially or legally obligated to fix/replace something I can't afford to fix/replace... If the owner's not happy with anything but 100% replacement, then I guess he won't be  happy.  Life is unfair.  If I do everything in my power to correct a situation I caused but it's not enough, then it's not enough.  I owned up to breaking the thing.  I tried to replace it, I couldn't replace it so I tried to make it as...
 I would talk it over with the owner and try to work something out.  I may not be able to repay the full value of something I broke but I can try to make it right.  Life is unfair, though.  The owner could be a total d-bag  and take me to court anyway.
New Posts  All Forums: