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I played 18 last night.  It was both a mistake and great idea.  Front 9 was terrible.  Scored a 10 on the first hole.  Lost 4 (!) balls on the second tee.  (The course was empty -- no one behind me and a twosome somewhere out in front of me -- or I would have moved to the next hole after losing the second.)  I just hacked my way around and as best as I could, trying to figure out where the problem was.  I finally got it together at the 7th.  Scored par on 8 and 9 and...
Earlier this season, I ended up with about a 12-18" long divot while warming up before a lesson.  The guy came over and the first thing he said when he saw it was "well, first off, your divots are way too big."  (He was not joking.)  
Let's get some perspective here:  he's a golfer and it's a car.  If he disappointed some kids at a cancer hospital that'd be one thing but repainting a car?  It just doesn't register on my give-a-shit-o-meter.
I don't see your rules making the game any easier and it's definitely not a different game, you're just assessing less-severe penalties for dropping balls than the RoG does.    With the exception of the time limit, I don't think these rules will do anything to speed up golf.  I play as a single 99% of the time so I am almost always waiting for the people in front of me.  From my observations, the people who are really slow are doing one or both of the following:   1....
 I just have a different perspective on the application of technology.  And I actually haven't resisted it.  I have simply and repeatedly pointed out that technology will break and you will still need a rule for when you lose your ball.
 Well... technically it's not a red herring since I'm not intending to mislead.  I do believe that we are very casual with how we throw technology at "problems" and that as we continue to use complex technology to "solve" simple inconveniences it will become less and less cost effective.  I also use game golf but I use the cell phone app so I can sleep at night because the components are reused for multiple purposes (mostly to keep me from getting lost when traveling).
Don't you think, though, that maybe the use of technology in this area is a little overkill?  I mean, you are literally suggesting that we use satellites in SPACE to find your golf ball.  
 Sure it'd be an improvement but good technology can still break, especially when it's repeatedly struck with a metal stick moving at high speeds.
 The strange (to me) part:If he has a multi-year exemption, why does he lose his card for next season?
http://www.cbssports.com/golf/eye-on-golf/25279427/two-time-major-winner-loses-pga-tour-card     Essentially, he only played 13 events this season and needed 15.  If he broke the top 125 in FedEx Cup points (he's 139) he could have played in the playoffs and gotten 15 events in.
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