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I think I have gotten better this year.  Instead of crap every time I play, it's every other time and if I can get loosened up, I hit the ball pretty well (relatively speaking, of course).     I took some lessons this year from a couple different people but wasn't happy with either of them.  I felt like they were spending the whole time trying to impress me with knowledge instead of looking at what I was doing.  I came away having learned some important and useful stuff,...
You have a few choices:   1.  Sit down with him away from the course and just say, 'I really enjoy spending time with you on the course but people know you cheat and it's putting me in an awkward spot..."  Then go from there.   2.  Confront him on the course in some pointlessly dramatic fashion as you suggest.  Create a situation where his only reaction will be defensive.  I don't know him, but based on your fears, it's probably safe to say that this will probably...
That is true.  And to be honest, I try very hard to avoid passive aggression in my life.  I try to be up front and accept confrontation when it needs to be dealt with.  However... when someone reclines into my lap and I need to take care of business, I may be a bit more unsteady and require more support from the seat in front of me than normal.  
I understand the "I paid for my seat and my seat reclines so I'm going to recline" argument.     But as another tall guy, I look at as, "I paid for my seat, the small space in front of it and the tray attached to the seat in front of me.  When someone reclines, they take all of that away from me.  I can't use my tray, I have to hold my book 3 inches in front of my eyes, and I can't get up to relieve myself."  In other words, when you recline you actually gain space by...
 A little depressed that a blonde woman running her hand through her hair on TV has generated so much discussion.
I hear Henry Kissinger also follows her... apparently her opinions on foreign policy are insightful.
 Semi off-topic but when I was studying Computer Science, I had a class where on the first day, the teacher (an adjunct) gave us a writing test (prose, not software).  The second day of class, she came in and explained:  It had nothing to do with the course, but 12 years later I still remember that ridiculous teacher being more concerned with where we put our quotes than designing correct finite state machines.
All you need is 10,000 hours and a blog.
I can't name a single American soccer team.  What's that prove?  That I don't care about soccer... whoopy. As for Rory, I'm surprised at the number of posts saying that not being American somehow counts against him with American golf fans.  The world is a mighty small place in 2014 and as it's "only" golf I would have expected that ability and character matter more than where a person was born.
That was hilarious!  Thanks!
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