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If I were in his place, I would play the John Deere.  
Your game is going to go up and down a lot; get used to it.     I think your best bet is to take some lessons because your fundamentals probably aren't what you think they are.  Practice and be patient.  I cured my slice by the end of my first season, then it came back for my entire second season.  Now I'm in my third season and I'm just starting to tame it.  My approach was to focus on the irons for a while.  When I played, I only used the longest club that I was going...
I overdose on golf channel when I travel because I don't have it at home. They replayed those putts constantly. Definitely didn't see any funny hops.
I haven't flown with my clubs but the websites for Us Airways and American say the same thing.
Thanks for the information.   I tried looking up the slope rating for my local course (the one I play at the most) and they're not in the USGA database (and it's not on the course website) so I guess I'll just use the handicap index GolfLogix gives me for now.   
Thanks. I just looked at my GolfLogix stats and if it's anywhere near accurate I'm about a 36 handicap so by the USGA chart my ESC would also be 9.   
When you guys play, when do you pick up? I've seen people say after 8 but my friend and I usually pick up after 10. Tonight I played a serious twilight round (started at 7:30) and had one bad hole where I picked up my ball n order to get the last holes in. I gave myself a 10. Otherwise it was a good round. Carded a 55.
I remember last year catching up to a guy playing alone (his wife was driving the cart but wasn't playing.)  Ahead of us was a twosome playing fairly slow.  The guy tells me that he was in the pro shop behind them but got to the first tee  before them (he had a cart and drove past them as they walked to the tee).  They argued with him that since they paid first, they got to tee off first.  For whatever reason, the guy didn't fight too hard and was stuck behind them for 9...
Hi!  Whereabouts in CNY?
The future is NOW! http://www.rf-golf.com/home.htm
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