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While I would love to see some Johnny's sauce drip on a green jacket...       I'd probably just go with steak and potatoes.
Does it have some good stretches?    I stand by my opinion that there were better choices for the model but I haven't cancelled my subscription or burned hockey sticks in misguided effigy. ;)  If the fitness articles are actually helpful, then I really won't care about the model.
 It's true that GD is not there to promote LPGA but wouldn't it garner more interest in the sport to show a good-looking, fit LPGA player and say "This is a golfer!"  instead of just showing a beautiful woman and saying "She's hot and holding a golf club!"  I could be wrong -- I don't work in magazines -- but it seems like the days of "hot women on cover = sales" would be going away given the copious amounts of free pictures on the Internet.  As an example, google...
 As someone who takes six shots to get near the green, I can tell you that after a couple putts -- successful or not -- I'm moving on. I think the big holes would be fun on occasion... if for no other reason than you can be out, playing "golf" and it's just not so serious.
I would be more interested in a "golfing fitness" issue with actual golfers showing their exercises.  There are other magazines (and 99.9% of the Internet) devoted to displaying women.
I voted no, but wished there was a "maybe" choice.  I don't care how much someone can back up their talk, if you win a competition, then talk about how good you are, you're kind of a jerk.  That doesn't mean you have be Mr Humility but it's not an either/or situation.
  Very happy to see someone point out the weak point in the work:
Few observations:   1)  He lives in Portland.  While it's possible to play golf year-round, there are definitely going to be more bad weather days than Florida.  It also isn't nearly as golf-centric as Florida is.  Throw a rock in Florida and it lands on a golf course.  Throw a rock in Portland and you hit someone with multiple tattoos drinking coffee.  If I was going to drop everything and devote my life to golf, I would not do it in Portland (and I love...
I have absolutely no idea.  But if Snooki can get paid to speak at Rutgers, Dan will find someone to talk to. :)
 I think he's trying to have fun and has the money to do it. I also think that at the end, he's going to write a book and go on a lecture circuit.  Maybe motivational speaking.
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