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 I got it the same day that I posted.  
 Well gee, I'm glad I looked through this thread to see how often you mailed them out before emailing to ask. :)
I really try to keep an open mind in life and not judge harshly or reduce to name calling but the only word that comes to mind when reading this story is "dumb".
Did you get to try this?  How did it work out?
 Social science is hand-wavy at best.  You will always find enough evidence to support a theory while someone else finds enough evidence to refute your theory.The only mistake is when everyone else reads these studies (suitably paraphrased to make nice quotes in an article) and take them as fact.
C, Python, Java Javascript, PHP C++, C#, Perl, SQL, x86 Assembly, Bash scripting   I guess that's it.  I've used a few others over the years but these are the main ones.
Clearly we'll never agree on this.  I just want to say that there's a reason no one remembers straight drives into the fairway or routine approach shots to the green but over 30 years later we still think about shots like this http://www.golf.com/video/us-open-moments-watsons-chip-1982
You've made this argument a couple times.  (I have no idea why your second reply doesn't show up when I quote it.)  In my opinion, the score is irrelevant.  If the everyone is playing driver-wedge-putt, driver-wedge-putt, then there's nothing interesting going on.  You may as well just watch them try to out-drive each other at the practice range.  Competitive golf is both player-versus-course and player-versus-player and that's when it's interesting.  And you know full...
I don't care but it's not because I grew up, I just got tired of video games (they're all the same as I played 10 years ago but with better graphics).     The battleship thing is strange though.  Some strange attempt to put explosions in a golf game, I guess.
Thanks.  This is probably a naive question but is there an easy way to remove a grip from a club without wrecking it?
New Posts  All Forums: