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Got to the range.  Worked on 3 wood and driver.  Had a short "tune up" lesson with the "pro" there.  Gave me some good things to work on to eliminate my slice.
Thanks for the links! Not the most interesting answer possible, but it makes sense.
After a round, the player verifies and signs his scorecard. What happens to it after that? Framing Spieth's four cards from the masters would make an incredible item for a charity auction... Or, of course, for Spieth himself.
Went to range and hit a medium bucket of balls, mostly focused on pre shot routine.
5-10 minutes working on weight forward without a club
5 minutes on seeing work no club. Trying to get weight forward.
10 minutes, no club, working on shifting my weight forward on down swing.
For what it's worth, this review got me to order the book this morning.  I feel like I just ordered a calculus book while still struggling with long division, but what the hey... I've gotten a lot out of the free instructional threads posted by @iacas et. al. so if nothing more, I'm paying back a little and the book will be on my shelf waiting for me...
Played 18 holes today. It was mostly a hot mess, but I did have the best shot of my life. 158 yards to center of green over a pond that usually eats my ball... rolled the ball 20 ft past the hole. Made the whole round worth it.
 I think that in any sport, the "needle movers" are the ones who make news before they make it to the "show".  Other people may develop into HOF players but they never get the same attention as the person who was talked about since he was 12. And I don't understand the attention his girlfriend gets. Beautiful women aren't very rare; I see them all over the damn place.
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