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I know all that crap was confusing...It made no logical sense. And this forum doesnt allow editing or deleting. But I have based on a dice game book that was published discovered  PERFECT WAY to place Dice Golf and have done several pro tournaments. Anyone interested in learning the game of Dice Golf...You can do Amateur and Professional Golf. 
Yeah I know its confusing what Im asking for cause I really didnt explain...I almost doubt anyone could help unless understood using dice and the odds or turn outs...But the game idea is entirely mine.   Here is an example of Dice Golf Game Play Game: will be the dice roles resulting on doubles only   Hole  Par     Game               [-/+/P]    [score] 1       4        1/1-2/2-6/6-1/1    -1            3 There were 2 sets of 1/1, which I would call a birdie...
Hello   My name is David, 42 from Pennsylvania...To be honest I was never a fan of golf...But after working on some games on several sports I (thought) developed one for golf that is very near real time and real play. I began to follow PGA tournaments to follow up for my new game.   I have several games played with 1 to multiple 6 sided dice. After about half dozen tries on perfecting the play and scoring sheets...I believed I had it PERFECT game of "Dice...
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