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I wish I could say this was unexpected or unbelievable.   Browns will be Browns. 
Did anyone see the Bill O'/Jon Stewart debate about white privelage? People were all up in arms...   I'm like...why are you guys surprised? What did you expect? One of the guys is an ignorant clown on a comedy network, and the other one is Jon Stewart.  
Just got back into lifting, as I put a makeshift home gym in the basement. Need to be able to outdrive @saevel25 more than once next year.    Workout last night was an easy legs day (Haven't lifted in 18 months, didn't wanna go too hard)   Just 4 sets of squats, 185x10, and a set of lunges. Then called it quits since I wanna be able to walk...didn't work, still rubbery lol
 I know...but it's a trainwreck here...I can't look away.   Yeah, but my IP packets were probably sent to a router somewhere in West Africa. We're all now doomed and at risk for e-bola. 
This thread is giving me ebola.
 It was hard to tell...a lot of people actually think that lol With that said, I still think he's a year or two away from even being a "bubble cut" type player. NFL has a learning curve, you can't just go from never playing, to playing at the highest level in 6 months.
 To the bold: The guys making roster decisions couldn't care less about increasing the NFL's interest to a new market.  For the last line, that's absolutely not true. Not even close. There's a reason there are only a couple really good kick returners in the NFL.
I must say gents, I am shocked an appalled that a topic like this somehow resulted in an argument on the interwebs. 
 I'll give him about a 10% chance at actually making a roster. Which may be high. Having played rugby in college, a lot of the skill-set is transferable...but the learning curve in the NFL is tough, and there are thousands of guys probably at or close to his level of athleticism sitting on a practice squad somewhere.
New Posts  All Forums: