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Squats today. Just 6 sets of heavy squats. Then some pushups and ab work. Fun times.
 Yeah, running plays and short quick passes can be designed to beat the blitz. Can be easier for the RB to hit the secondary if they send a bunch of people into the backfield after the QB. Of course, if executed poorly, it can also result in a 6 yard loss.
 i no, write?
 I know, just too lazy. I was wondering if someone would point it out lol
 Your english is much better than my french. 
That's one thing I'm missing. Gotta hang my big whiteboard down in the gym so I can keep track. Same with some mirrors.
 Will do. I could probably get up somewhere between 325 and 340 right now. So it'll be at least a month or two before I get all my strength back.
Not as long as the form is good. I was just testing my 1 rep max, not something I would do every week...but there's nothing wrong with it as long as you have a lot of experience with the specific exercise.
 Pulled it up twice with no worries. Time to buy more plates. Hammies are feeling good today.... Goal is 2.5x my bodyweight. So assuming I get back down to 160 soon, that would be 400 even. Chest and Shoulders today. The best.
 End times.
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