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 Get bent.
 That's because it's the ultimate team sport. Bradshaw's left tackle isn't talked about as the best Left Tackle ever because he won 4 Super Bowls. It's the entire body of work, no one person can win a Super Bowl, period. And as it's been shown 800 times in this thread already, Brady's Super Bowl winning teams were superior than Peyton's. How you can't comprehend that one out of the 22 starters can't win a guy by himself is incomprehensible...
Hit chest/shoulders/tris yesterday   4 sets Bench Press 155x8 4 sets Dumbbell Flys 35x8 4 sets incline dumbbell press 45x8 4 sets shoulder raises 40x8 4 sets lateral raises 10x8 4 sets skullcrushers 45 lbs 4 sets of pushups   Tonight, I do all the squats. All of them. Don't plan on walking normally this weekend.
 And the clock would run off...defeating the purpose of spiking. It would be a big whoop.
 He's not arguing against Montana, he's arguing with your belief that Brady is superior to Manning because of the playoff results. Even though he's debunked it...as well as other people. How hard is it to understand?
 There's an exception. The spike is technically it's own play. It's a mechanism for the offense to stop the clock without using a timeout. You have to in almost one motion, receive the snap and spike the ball. If you were to receive the snap, step back and look at a receiver, and THEN spike it...it would be considered intentional grounding.
 Boom. 0-2 in Super Bowls after spygate.
http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1467101-does-defense-really-win-championships   There's another interesting article. Note the "exception"...2006 Colts. ;)
 Is that your 1 rep max, or is that for reps?
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