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 LOOOOOOOOOOOL Hahahaha that's awesome. I'm probably just gonna drive both days.
Confirmed @iacas (Fri/Sat) @Rob Thompson (Fri/Sat) @saevel25 (Fri/Sat) @Jeremie Boop (Fri/Sat)* @Hardspoon (Fri/Sat) @Slice of Life(Fri/Sat) @mcanadiens @vasaribm (Fri/Sat) @Braivo (Fris/Sat) @georgep (Sat)   Tentative @BradSomrak  
If I can see it, and it's not right up by there house, I'll grab it.    Don't like it? Either put up a fence, a no trespassing sign, or don't buy a house on a golf course.    Now, if you play the ball from there...then you're probably an a-hole...
 Glad you cleared that up. Me and my buddies will play a tee box game if we're waiting. You have to start by one tee marker, hit the other, then hit the one you started at, then hit the other person's ball. Every time you hit a target, you get to go again. Gets interesting with a foursome lol
And how could 4 different winners be up for the slam? Only 1 can be up for winning consecutive majors at a time...confused here...
 It's definitely mental. You're not going to get physically cold in 5 minutes.  Practice chipping or putting on the teebox or something...
 Completely different argument. 
 Gotta find a way to work past the frustration. Though it shouldn't be, long waits are a part of the game. Find something to do at the tee box to keep you preoccupied.
I guess I should emphasize, I'll only be there for part of Friday as well. I'll be there for the 1 club scramble and dinner.
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