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Damn, that Crosby vid is nuts.
  Cool Story Bro
On an extremely crisp "hard as I can swing" swing, I can get a 5 iron to about 210-220. And since my 5 iron is lofted like a normal 4 iron, that's my answer.   Most shots trying to hit it that far would go about 120 yards. Most likely dribbled to the right.
 I have no clue what you're talking about. I'm 5'8.75"
I laughed way too hard at that!
Thought this was interesting. http://www.sbnation.com/golf/2015/2/20/8075157/michael-jordan-private-golf-course-bears-club-florida Must be nice to have that backup plan as an option. lol 
 lol Fair enough.
 Coming from a guy who roots for the worst $100,000,000 QB of all time.
 Possibly. They've already been keeping an eye on them due to their owners shady businessings (not a word)...so this can't help much.
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