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 International Parcel Service 
 Who edited this? It said IPS for a reason lol
Looks like I'd do better than I thought.   Nerves, cameras, and people don't bother me. I'll golf just as poorly with or without. Some of my best shots have come under the most pressure. The fans lining the tee boxes for the first 50 yards probably wouldn't be safe though...;)
Probably somewhere in the 115 range. Just a guess, as I've never putted on Major greens before...I may have 115 putts lol.
 Working for UPS...
 Too much Flintstones...
I flung poop at someone the other day, does that count?   Congrats EJ!! Well deserved, you stupid monkey...
 Nice! Bought a house right by 18 and 71, so right down the street from Fairlawn. We'll definitely have to get out a couple times...which I'm sure will get even easier for you with another kid on the way haha
 Busy, been very busy, so I hear ya. Movin' out your way actually...(You're in Medina, right?)
Done. I tried getting my buddy John into it last year, and it didn't go well. But I talked him into buying better clubs, and he's gonna give it another go this year. I will force his ass to golf with me weekly until he loves to hate it like the rest of us...   That and the fiancee...I will make her golf too, even though she hates it. :)
New Posts  All Forums: