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 I unfortunately can't utilize the safety bars until I get more flooring. To stand close enough, my feet wouldn't be stable, since I'd be half on/off the rubber mat.  I'm not very concerned about the safety bar unless I'm going heavy though, and when I go heavy, my buddy John is spotting so it isn't a big deal.
 Update, it was actually $250...and it's currently on sale for $199.
Great game. picked up Latavius Murray Wednesday morning in my fantasy league...he ended up with a mild concussion, but not before 4 carries for like 117 yards and 2 TDs lol
 Thanks Mike! I want to add a leg extension/hamstring curl machine, power tower, and cable crossover machine and I'll be set. Should be able to get all 3 for under $1k. That rack/bench combo was $350 at Dick's I believe...can probably find something used cheaper, but I don't like the idea of using someone elses sweat filled bench.  Breathing in before moving down was something I'd never heard of, but makes sense. I'll give that a whirl next time.   Yeah, leaning forward...
Groin/hip felt good today. Leg day... Can I get a form check from the experienced guys? I've always struggled with Squat form and have been lowering weight to really try to improve it. Always had a tendency to lean forward and my lower back would always end up sore after squats.     Since I've been back at it and trying to improve the form, I've had no lower back pain or issues, so I'm hoping that means it's been working.
 Same goes with trees...but I'd rather try to chop down a pine than a 100 year old oak.  
 Good numbers. I haven't attempted a 1 RM with my bench since I've been back at it, but would assume it's something similar.
 You can't post about a new PR and not give numbers...I think there's a law about that. 
 Before the knee, I always thought RGIII had a better arm and was more accurate than Newton. Russell Wilson would dominate the league in Philly. He's doing "ok" this year in Seattle, and his #1 receiver is Doug Baldwin...
 It's an unfortunate part of the process, but I track everything. Every day (minus some random cheat day, which I've managed to avoid for a couple of weeks). 
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