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Yesterday. GAME GOLF, two boxes of Nikes, and a bag of tees.
 Looks like it does, but also looks like it returns back to its original position...just an oscillation. 
 Depends what you're paying for. If you're paying for consumer level 15 Mbps, then that's great. If you're paying for 50 Mbps...you may want to have a "discussion" with your provider...
Welcome aboard. They finally beat you into submission...haha
 Gotta track those chunked 180 yard drives. 
 There's a tab for a photo and you can just link to that. Click on "share results" gives you the photo URL.
Ordered! Should be in tomorrow...hopefully before my 1 PM round.   URL: http://www.gamegolf.com/player/SliceofLife Username: SliceofLife Real Name: Ryan Monteleone
 ^^^ Lighthearted joke. Note the smiley.  1. Highest level for me would be college Rugby. My otherworldly powers of deduction are based on knowing that nobody who actually competed at a high level in sports would blow off the level of work and dedication.  2. Ignorant is only an insult if you take it that way. I'm ignorant in many areas, and I don't pretend otherwise. And it was a snide 2nd grade level comeback, so don't get upset that I called it what it is. Also, how you...
New Posts  All Forums: