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 It's just a saying.   In which case you burn Taylor or Gay with AJ Green as soon as they leave one of them 1 on 1 to defend the run.  Pittsburgh's defense shouldn't be your main concern. I'd be more concerned about Ben, Antonio, and Bell.
 They technically are 6th in Run defense...as far as yards allowed.  But 25th in YPC.  Not exactly your Dad's Steelers...
 Yeah, end of the day it didn't matter. Hoyer wouldn't have beaten Cincy, so playoffs were lost anyway...might as well see what you have. They can blame the timing all you want, but the throws hit you in the hands, you have to catch it...I don't care if you've never even played with the guy before. Lack of chemistry can account for poor routes and/or timing/anticipation throws, but ones that hit you in the chest that are dropped...just a lack of effort.
 You never wanna develop a flip in your sledgehammer swing...
 Stats were ugly, but he looked a lot sharper. Lot of velocity on the throws, better anticipation and timing, and better accuracy. Stats show 3-8 for 32 yards...what they don't show are 3 ugly drops. He threw 8 passes, 6 were catchable. I'll take that "progress". Would help if our line wasn't abysmal without Mack in, and if our RB didn't trip over his own feet for -4 yards every 3 runs. Everyone loves Crowell for some reason...I don't get it.
 4.4 YPC and about 100 yards a game against them. They haven't been the steel curtain in a while... They're no Cleveland though...I mean hell, we make Jonathan Stewart look like Barry Sanders. lol
 You guys just need to have Dalton hand it off to hill or dump it off to Gio. Every play. 
 They get two opportunities to prove me wrong now.  If Gio has a good night, I at least claim 3rd place in my fantasy league haha.
 I'd play if I could get someone to come with. Just wear some long johns and layer up. ;)
Yeah, I hear ya. Aren't there still courses open by you? There's no snow yet...go play a round. :)
New Posts  All Forums: