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 Nice. If it's 2017, I have 2 years to get down to SD. If it's 2016, I'd better get to work...
For me, lately it's just been thinking about half length backswing. And that's it.    Great results for the most part.
Happy B-Day Matt. Now save your par breaking for the Newport Cup.
Just played Yankee Trace...nice course!   Shot a 93...with a disappoint triple, triple, and quadruple on the back nine. Oops lol
 Good, my handicap is now about 9. For 9 holes
Yeah that is rough.
Count me out. Unfortunately that time-frame doesn't fit the weekend plans.    Hopefully I'll be back down soon.
I gotta check to see if I can even do that. 2:30-7 kills a huge chunk of the day. I'll let you know about me and my uncle.
Depending on the # of people, I may invite my Uncle too. Still seeing what timeframe I have open on that Saturday. 
 Always have cigars in your golf bag. Light one of those bad boys up and they keep the mosquitoes at bay!
New Posts  All Forums: