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Still sick, but needed to do something to get out of the house...even if it just meant going to the garage lol.   Here's a new one with DTL and FO. This little phone camera is pretty neat...       God, my head just moves everywhere.  
This thread brings me great joy.  
  Sounds like me lol
The putting one? Or was there another I missed?
 I thought he was referring to the 381 yarder lol
 It was probably just one of your other tee shots from 3 holes earlier. 
Sounds/looks like you guys had a great time. Fortunately I got sick this weekend anyway, so I would have had to bail even if I wasn't in Dayton.   Already looking forward to next year...in true Cleveland fashion.
Ha. It's coming...just got the phone and wanted to get a quick video to test the quality. Gonna go get a real tripod and set up an area for FO and DTL shots. And hook, I'll try to post that next week at some point.Thanks btw, I think doing that stop and check drill 1,000,000 times has come close to stopping the gangly teenager follow through.
 I've actually shortened my driver swing a lot this year and (purposefully) lost a lot of distance. I've been maxing out at about 250 with just a little drill swing...but it's been going straight or even drawing a little, so I'm happy with it. 
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