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I still have mine.....351W, FMX trans, I used a 72 Torino as a donor, everything was done by me except the upholstery on the bench seat, I'm currently debating on selling it to get a mid 60's T-bird or redo the styling on this one.
Whistler Golf Digest GLF-125, works well enough, hasn't really led me astray yet. It was only like 35 dollars and I got 5 courses free, I only ever really play  2 different places but have used it on 3.
On the drive home, usually asking why it's going to leave me hanging when I try to give it a high five
I'm not going to post in here again on this and I hate to even acknowledge how oblivious you seem by asking that question, but I will provide a link : http://nation.time.com/2013/10/14/indian-school-calls-out-redskins-owner/
There is an enormous difference in using an actual tribal name, like Cherokee or Seminole, or a term like "braves" that is descriptive. "Redskin" is and always has been a racial slur. I believe that many find the 'overboard PC' trend are simply being lazy and entitled because they aren't the ones being offended. It would be nice to err on the side of good for a change wouldn't it?The world is such a mess partly because people are too lazy and too afraid of looking...
I have clothes that I would not wear anyplace other than the course, i.e.plaid pants, in order to justify having purchased those garments: if I have a club in my hand,whether it be at the range,a par 3 goat track, or a club on par with the likes of Bushwood CC, I will wear the appropriate attire.
I just started putting a line on my ball about a 3rd of the way around it but I've only played twice since then, the first time was the day after they dressed the greens so by the 4th hole I gave up trying to putt and was simply playing two balls and 'closest to the pin' against myself. The second time was about a week later and the dimples on the greens had just about subsided.I don't know if it made any difference honestly, I tried to trust the line on the ball more and...
I'd imagine that if there was a 'golf shoes vs. street shoes' thread, which there may be, someone would chime in supporting the use of cowboy boots whilst another declared that their club 'forbade any cowboy boots on the grounds.'
I don't believe this got milked for 4 pages.
When I purchased my irons in January, I was fitted for plus 1" on my CG16's at Golf Galaxy and I'm sure this is what was used http://www.golfgalaxy.com/GolfWorks-Steel-Shaft-Butt-Extensions/PAPMACBGMPOCEKCP/Product , pretty standard.Assuming you have steel shafts in your irons. Otherwise I've used these on graphite shafts with no issues at all. http://www.golfgalaxy.com/GolfWorks-Graphite-Shaft-Extensions/PAPMACGLFJOIEKCP/Product
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