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I want to win a Callaway Big Bertha Driver.   Sergio Garcia  -9   Matt Kuchar  -9   Jordan Spieth  -9
Interesting!   I have been using an ear plug in my right ear while golfing for the last few years as I suffer from tinnitus. These loud titanium drivers make it necessary.
Looks like a great course!
The Hard Rock is excellent, great beach, lovely pools, excellent casino & night clubs, I think nine restaurants, lots of activities for everyone.La Cana (the onsite golf course) was in very good condition when I played it in early October 2013 & quite a nice track. And if you do take the all inclusive golf package, drinks & snacks on the course are included along with free range balls. Punta Espada was the best course on my trip...excellent, play it if you can!
I was there recently, stayed at the Hard Rock and played three courses in the area.   Punta Espada is fantastic. (5 star)   Cana Bay was very good. (4.5 star)   La Cana was great too  (4.5 star)
That Cleveland HiBore XL...so loud I sold it the week after buying it. Anybody know which are the quietest drivers? I have tinnitus (ringing in the ears) and wear earplugs to protect my ears while playing with my Burner Superfast. I also have an Adams Super S driver which is quieter but I get better performance with the TaylorMade.   Sorry to hijack?
Wow! Thanks. I wonder what the shortest 5 balls were......  and to see info for all tested balls.
Hmmm... I know I was right ("virtually certain") but I don't think i could get my playing companions to agree to this, it would probably cause a lot of arguing. Thanks for all the replies.
Good Day,   I was playing a competitive round with three friends and following is the ruling given to me which I disagree with. There is water on the right off the tee shot to about 200 yards and then a landing area part fairway & rough with water further to the right, about 30 yards or so. In other words the fairway is narrow up to 200 yards from the tee then it widens out 30 yards more and then it narrows again about 40 yards further towards the green.   I hit a...
So, what ball did he recommend for u ?
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