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I second GolfShot, its a great tool to have.
The would stink if they both are closing. Both of those were convenient to get to from the parkway. That only leaves Woodland Park (West Paterson) or Livingston for northern NJ for GS. And the PGA store has only been open for close to a year!   Couldn't find anything on PGA store, but golfsmith: http://www.golfsmith.com/stores/053/paramus
I believe you are referring to the GolfSmith in Paramus (also on 17). Mostly clothes, lefty clubs and off-name grips left at GS, though I did pick up my Odyssey 2-ball putter for $110, brand new when the sales first started.
Welcome from Northern NJ!
Hello from North Jersey. New member here, Just got back into the game and have seen this site in the past so I thought why not join (and hopefully contribute).
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