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I guess I spoke too soon earlier this week. Yesterday I made my first eagle, on the same course but the 3rd hole not the second. Driveable par 4, 321 from the blue tees, the green was burnt out so they put a temporary green up just off the front edge. I hit driver to 15 ft and sunk the putt. I'm not sure if it really counts but it felt good.
Titleist players glove. Steep price is the only con ($19/glove), fit is amazing and consistent, durability is the best I have experienced. And feel is the benchmark for which all other gloves should be measured. 2 gloves will last me 20 rounds (including range time) or about 3-4 months. Anyone know where I could buy in bulk to get a better price? A half dozen would get me through the year easily.
Got to play on my home course last sunday in between heavy showers. While the first 4 holes were playable, the greens got soaked afterwards. Left after 9, but was glad I stayed for my shot of the week. Hole 2, par 5, 528 yards, downhill slight dogleg left. Started by hitting my drive perfectly, over the corner, carrying the bunker (260 downhill), and expecting a 300+ yard drive. Arrive to my ball on a fairly steep sideslope, hanging lie. its about 240 to the pin (front of...
Check out the titleist site for bounces, it really depends on the club. 14 degrees on a 56 degree wedge is moderate bounce, where its really high on a 58 or 60. Low bounce to me means 56-10, 60-04. So your 56 is low bounce, where as your 60 is moderate bounce. I play high bounce because I use the utley short game method and am a digger.
Might be sticking with the 905r, will have to decide after a few sessions with the 909. Very appealing from what I have heard thusfar.
I use titleist players gloves, very durable. For those wearing holes in the permasoft, is it where the thumb stiching is? The players glove moves the seam and might alleviate those problems.
I think most people regard the 905r as more solid than the 907, however as a 905r player I am bias. Can't go wrong with the 905r although I will be most likely upgrading to the 909, heard its even more solid, more forgiving, and an improvement.
Voodoo is more exotic than the V2, you get custom order the V2, I'm sure for not to high of a price. Personally if I were you, I would order the 906 series when they go on sale, they come stock with v2's.
Just get the new 909F fairway woods, or if you're like me, get the 906's when they go on sale. I love my 906f2's, best FW I have ever played and rediculously long. I hit mine 270 today off the tee. Left an awkward 40yard pitch unforunately.
The stan utely putting curve and video, I think it's by eyeline golf as well.
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