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Way to go! Congrats!!
Today I've finished the negotiations with the investers: I'm starting my own company! Can't say much about it yet as I'm wandering into a seemingly untouched market.
I don't :)I am considered a long hitter, but it's nothing compared to what people are posting here ;) (I hit my 4wood about 240 meters)
Can't change it, isn't me. I'm a quite average looking Caucasian guy without a green thumb ;) (And I can't seem to edit my post)
I visit this site on my tablet, can't even see avatars. I haven't set this one for sure :D I'll check if I can see it and maybe change it to something more personal ;)
I used to be very happy with FJ myself, but the latest addition (Project M) lost a cleat after maybe 5 rounds of playing. What's up with that! Never ever lost a cleat before!
I drive a Mini, so I'd say my drive isn't that big :)
This Monday I played on a par71 course, from the white tees with a CR of 129. So why post in this thread? Well the people I played with said they played a 16 and 21 handicap: they did not.. I counted about 5 OB balls on the gentleman, another 3-4 mulligans and any ball within about two feet of the pin wasn't counted anymore. He said he played 32 stablefords. I think he played about 105 shots, not including penalties. The woman was good from the tees, but not that good on...
A new towel and a dozen balls: TaylorMade BRZ Urethane. The covers of those balls aren't very good, one in three shows cracks after a good hit.. I'm going to send them back :(
First question that comes to mind: why cock the hands before the take away? Look at the way Rory takes away or Tiger or whomever you like. Study it, mimic it, video yourself, study it, compare it, mimic better. Certainly helped me in my take away, I'm coming through the ball better, almost no pushes to the right anymore. :) And you're trying to hit it so damn hard, could you show us about a 75-80% swing in speed? One that feels relaxed and one that feels on the slow side...
New Posts  All Forums: