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Kennsington, number 1, no way.  Avalon Lakes, Boulder Creek, Stonewater, and I could go on but non of these on your list? List isn''t bad but there are courses missing and one that has no business on the list especially where you have it located.  Kennsington is a good track with a great layout but it is underfunded, which leaves course condition sadly lacking.
I'm sitting here watching the repeat from Pebble Beach and looking at one of my golf ball cases.  It got me thinking about rounds played at a bunch of courses and what are my favorites.  Now this isn't hard to do but I wanted to break it down in to a couple catagories.  Of course, the top grouping would in the Top 3 courses played. Then the next group would be Top Three Courses for under $100.  So here's my picks!                                            Top 3...
I think Jack ought to stick to golf. If Mitt was on tour he'd never pick a club, he'd just flip flop between two clubs.
I have two Callaway Fusion hybrids 18 and 22. I use them on short tight par fours and some mid range ones as well.
Congrats first milestone. Keep working
Seriously take the game as a game just enjoy it. After you hit a shot just let it go and move on.
Slumps usually are caused by too much practice,play and expections that build because of the other two. Try to just go make you natural swing and don't get upset with the results of each swing. And start playing to have fun not to shoot your lowest score, just enjoy the game.
If you want to see Pete Dye at his best the Pete Dye Club in WV is a must. Built on a old strip mine. It's a work of art. I'm obviously Dye fan but Fazio is the modern master. The thing about playing a good Dye course all the time is no other architect will intimidate you.
One more point most of the putters I own have never been taken to the course to be struck in anger. They might get to practice green but usually won't make it in play. I think this may be proof I have club issues lol.
Wow this took a little thought and a trip down to the basement. 1. A bronze Ping from the 70's (Was my Father's before he passed) 2. Ray Cook Mallet 3. Original Scotty Cameron Coronado 4. Scotty Cameron Caliente Grande 5. Odyssey #2 White Hot 6. Odyssey Two Ball 7. Ping Redwood Ping Zing 8. Odyssey Tour Milled Black Series (w Snakeskin grip) 9. Rife Island Series Deep Blue 10. Rife Tropical Finish Barbados Belly Hmmm there may be something to my wife's accusations that I...
New Posts  All Forums: