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Let us know how it goes when you play while complying with the first Rule! 1. You must Tee your Ball within a Club's length of the Hole.
23/3 Half-Eaten PearQ.A half-eaten pear lies directly in front of a ball in a bunker and there is no pear tree in the vicinity of the bunker. In the circumstances, is the pear an obstruction rather than a loose impediment, in which case the player could remove it without penalty?A.No. A pear is a natural object. When detached from a tree it is a loose impediment. The fact that a pear has been half-eaten and there is no pear tree in the vicinity does not alter the status of...
 Banana peels and pear cores are both loose impediments.
Maybe not. Look for yourself in RoG, Appendix II, where it says, in part:   (iii) Putters (see Fig. IX) When the clubhead is in its normal address position, the dimensions of the head must be such that: the distance from the heel to the toe is greater than the distance from the face to the back;
No one should expect a blessing from those who dwell in this Rules folder for made up "Rules." Nor, should one expect satisfactory answers to what one of our colleagues here once said, "What are the Rules when we're not playing by the Rules?"
Many threads in this folder meander along nicely as all of us benefit from the thoughts and insights of others.   Other threads turn sour. Those fail often because of malintent, citing "stupid rules" and cheating players.
Here's another product:     http://i.ebayimg.com/00/s/NTIwWDUyMA==/z/v4kAAOSwrklU9Mql/$_12.JPG
Get one of these from the USGA Shop. Become familiar with its contents and layout. Carry it in your pocket.     http://www.usgashop.com/cart.php?m=product_detail&p=3828
Here's a glossary from another site!   What do the abbreviations/acronyms in the posts mean?  . AGC - Abnormal Ground Conditions . BIP - Ball In Play . CL - Club Length  . CIBAE - Could It (the ball) Be Anywhere Else . CIC - Committee In Charge . COC - Condition(s) Of Competition . CR - Course Rating . CW - Casual Water   . FC - Fellow Competitor . GUR - Ground Under Repair . IO - Immovable Obstruction . KVC - Known or Virtually Certain  . LB - Lost Ball  . LCP/LC&P -...
Sorry, rob0225, but those who frequent this arcane folder usually get LWH, NPR and OB. I will try to do better in the future, not only for you but for others. 
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