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Here's a list. Some will like it; others won't.    Caddie Shoulds:   1.    Read the Local Rules and have a hole location sheet.   2.    Count the players clubs on the first tee prior to start of play.   3.    Clean clubs after each stroke.   4.    Clean the golf ball only when it has been marked and taken out of play (usually only on the putting green) and between the play of holes.   5.    Attend the flagstick when asked.   6.    May move only the players...
This happens frequently, not just here, but in most Rules forums. People come seeking approval for not playing by the Rules of Golf. They offer up all sorts of flimsy excuses and rationalizations in hopes of vindication. They love to hide behind "local rules" or cultural practice.   Guess what? Like-minded individuals will jump in with their own anecdotes about how they modify the Rules. If that's what sought, then there it is. However, if approval from players who do...
 Ball not "through the green." Ball is in the bunker.Bunker A “bunker’’ is a hazard consisting of a prepared area of ground, often a hollow, from which turf or soil has been removed and replaced with sand or the like.Grass-covered ground bordering or within a bunker, including a stacked turf face (whether grass-covered or earthen), is not part of the bunker. A wall or lip of the bunker not covered with grass is part of the bunker. The margin of a bunker extends vertically...
Thanks. How did I manage to miss that? 
 RoG, Appendix II makes no mention of design restrictions on putter sole camber. Nor does: http://www.usga.org/Rule-Books/Rules-on-Clubs-and-Balls/Club-Head/#plain Where is your information from?
"Not necessarily, some putters with cambered soles have been deemed nonconforming because they can be played nearly vertical without raising the leading edge off the ground."     I'd like to hear more about this. Thanks.
 It's not about weather forecasting. It's about measuring or gauging current conditions in your location.
 Please suggest how you would word your proposed Local Rule.
1) Correct2) Anchored is not a "stroke"3) Irrelevant speculation.4) PGA Tour, et al voluntarily agree to play golf in accordance with the Rules of Golf.5) Everybody has one.
The way I see it, Rich, is the agreement must be "explicit" vs "implicit." So, for me, no breach but as Rulesman says, a word of caution is warranted.
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