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Here's another product:     http://i.ebayimg.com/00/s/NTIwWDUyMA==/z/v4kAAOSwrklU9Mql/$_12.JPG
Get one of these from the USGA Shop. Become familiar with its contents and layout. Carry it in your pocket.     http://www.usgashop.com/cart.php?m=product_detail&p=3828
Here's a glossary from another site!   What do the abbreviations/acronyms in the posts mean?  . AGC - Abnormal Ground Conditions . BIP - Ball In Play . CL - Club Length  . CIBAE - Could It (the ball) Be Anywhere Else . CIC - Committee In Charge . COC - Condition(s) Of Competition . CR - Course Rating . CW - Casual Water   . FC - Fellow Competitor . GUR - Ground Under Repair . IO - Immovable Obstruction . KVC - Known or Virtually Certain  . LB - Lost Ball  . LCP/LC&P -...
Sorry, rob0225, but those who frequent this arcane folder usually get LWH, NPR and OB. I will try to do better in the future, not only for you but for others. 
Good morning, David. Here's my "excuse." Yesterday afternoon in the midst of a mini-Rules refresher clinic at a local golf course, I answered "yes" and "yes" but was challenged in an aggressive way by a pair of their best players. Though confident of my position, I couldn't immediately locate a Decision to justify my answers. (There's an old saw by Josh Billings, "I have lived in this world just long enough to look carefully the second time into things that I was most...
Right-handed player. Cart path runs down the left side of the fairway. For the first 200 yards a red-staked lateral water hazard runs closely paralleling the cart path with about two feet of grass between the margin of the LWH and the cart path. Player’s ball rests on the cart path such that the NPR would be in the narrow strip of grass.    Q1 May the player, under R24, drop within one club-length of the NPR and stand in the LWH to play his next stroke?   Further along...
 My, oh my, you do have the wrong end of the stick.
 Well put, Rick. As OldBogey, too, observed, "If players don't bother to learn the Rules, they can expect to be disadvantaged by their ignorance." Enough of the moralizing, however. Incidents like this are sometimes sufficient to encourage a player to take a real interest in the Rules.
You may not drop closer to the hole. You may not place the ball. Here's what Rule 25-1b has to say about abnormal ground conditions in a bunker: (ii) In a Bunker: If the ball is in a bunker, the player must lift the ball and drop it either:(a) Without penalty, in accordance with Clause (i) above, except that the nearest point of relief must be in the bunker and the ball must be dropped in the bunker or, if complete relief is impossible, as near as possible to the spot...
The kid "giving advice", having completed his round, is nothing more than a spectator. He, as many others have said, has all of the status of the town dogcatcher.
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