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 I would play a second ball under 3-3.. 
 Will this Decision work for you? 15/2, Player's Stroke at Own Ball Dislodges Concealed Ball Q.A player plays a stroke with his own ball in the rough and also hits an old abandoned ball which was hidden beneath his ball. Since he struck the hidden ball, did he play a wrong ball?A.No. The player played a stroke with his own ball, not with the hidden ball. Since he did not play a stroke with the hidden ball, Rule 15-3 is not applicable. The player must play his ball as it lies.
 Hey, that's my line .... I know, because I stole it from you a couple of years ago. 
Google the USGA publication, How to Conduct a Competition. You should find a pdf. See page 48.
 It's simpler than you imagine. At any time, you may proceed under the stroke and distance provision of Rule 27-1. No declaration is necessary beyond, "Wait a minute, I going to hit another one." Don't use the word "provisional" in the same sentence as "... I'm going to hit another one."  No declaration of unplayability is necessary to use R27-1. NB A ball cannot become lost by declaration. (Once upon a time that was possible, but no longer.)
 At any time, you may proceed under the stroke and distance provision of Rule 27-1.
 As I remember ... you got a good laugh out of that line! 
 Were you the guy who, when the instructor asked if anyone scored a 100%, held up his hand and then got up and left? 
@ wadesworld   Were you in Atlanta in late February? I sat in the second row, right in the middle of the AJGA crowd ... they're impressive. In fact, I'm doing a couple of events with them this summer. :)
  And, here's the Committee's authority to do so: 33-8/32.5, Local Rule Treating Severe Damage by Non-Burrowing Animals as Ground Under Repair Q. May a Committee make a Local Rule declaring areas severely damaged by non-burrowing animals to be ground under repair without marking them as such?A. Yes. Furthermore, in some instances a Committee would be justified in specifying that interference with the player's stance is not, of itself, interference from the condition - see...
New Posts  All Forums: