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 Heuristic techniques for problem solving often give a solution which is not guaranteed to be optimal.
The short answer is to be found here:   Rule 18-1. By Outside Agency - If a ball at rest is moved by an outside agency, there is no penalty and the ball must be replaced.
 Virtual certainty is necessary. A requirement for absolute knowledge might pose an enormous existential problem.
Get this and keep it in your pocket.   http://www.flexagonguides.com/flexagon_002.htm   Genius product for the casual player.
The "field" probably doesn't need protection in this case. Had a rules official been handy he would have provided the service, in the interests of pace of play. But, yes, inform the committee, but don't be surprised if they're disinclined to prosecute.
 Pick up the telephone. A little leg work might lead you to the person who wrote the Local Rule. The rest of us, "inquiring minds," would like to know, too. 
Snipped from the USGA publication, How to Conduct a Competition, Chapter 4, Marking the Course ...   “It is a common misconception that it is not proper to define as out of bounds an area within a course. The USGA often marks as out of bounds areas such as parking lots, clubhouses, maintenance areas, tennis courts, practice areas, etc.   Decision 33-2a/12 states that it is permissible to establish out of bounds between two holes if this is necessary for safety reasons...
23-1/6 - Removal of Loose Impediments from Area in Which Ball to Be Dropped Q. Through the green, is it permissible for a player to remove loose impediments from the area in which he is preparing to drop his ball?A. Yes.
24-1 has the answer.
 The loose impediment is history ... hurled into the spinach. If the player really, really liked his original lie he is able to replace the ball rather than accept to less certain result of a drop. 
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