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We're a little short on information about the "boundary marker" of which you speak. Absent other information or local rules a lone white stake might not indicate anything.   That aside, all that matters is where the ball ends up. A ball hit from a teeing ground can pass over any number of hazards and course boundaries on the way to its final resting place. A ball that, in this case, ends up on the putting green is in play.
The hard card for Carolinas Golf Association events gives greenside cooling fans TIO status, thus imparting line of play relief also. (The reality that the fans are not very temporary causes some heartburn, but since there's no other available mechanism for dealing with them that seems equitable.)
Part of your answer may lie in Definitions. A “provisional ball’’ is a ball played under Rule 27-2 for a ball that may be lost outside a water hazard or may be out of bounds.
I asked the USGA this question:   ----------   Stroke play, ball at rest on the putting green.   Player, during practice swing, accidentally moves his golf ball a few inches, but not nearer the hole. Since, he is uncertain of how to proceed, he declares his intention to play a second ball and seek a ruling after the round. He fails to state which of the two balls he wishes to score with.   Player then, without replacing the ball, putts the ball into the...
 Read Tufts.
While 3-3 requires the play of two balls, even though the play was made with a single ball, one must be the original and one must not. The ball retrieved from the hole and played again isn't the "same" ball.
The second putt was made with a substituted ball? (Where is Wendy for this?)
You're on the right track.   There are essentially four "musts" for 3-3. The player must: 1) before playing, announce his intention to play a second ball, and 2) must announce which of the two balls he wishes to score with, and 3) should (read must) hole out with both balls, and 4) report same to the Committee.   I take it from your narrative that the player got 1, 2 & 4 correct. If I were on the Committee, I think that I would accept that enough of the elements of...
 It's a Rules folder. If you don't respect the Rules, then go to the "What kind of socks does Ricky Fowler wear" folder and post your notions as to what kind of Rules you wish to "have fun"  with. Your word salad convinces no one. 
 A player is not obliged to take relief from an embedded ball. 
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