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From Rule 25:   If a player's ball lies on a wrong putting green, he must not play the ball as it lies. He must take relief, without penalty, as follows: The player must lift the ball and drop it within one club-length of and not nearer the hole than the nearest point of relief. The nearest point of relief must not be in a hazard or on a putting green. When dropping the ball within one club-length of the nearest point of relief, the ball must first strike a part of...
  Is that from the R&A? Seems reasonable to be sure, but I'd not heard of that before. cm
 Read this and get back to us about The Principles. 
 You've never hit a provisional ball have you? You don't know how, do you? Is it because reading Rule 27-2 is too strenuous? You seem to know nothing about this time-saving procedure. 
 Common sense as a method of problem solving only produces optimal results by accident. Why not follow the Rules? You use the words "match" and "opponent" which indicate the form of play is match play. Rule 2-5, Doubt as to Procedure, is your guide. If the two of you disagree, the player can do what he thinks is correct and you must make a claim in a timely manner. The Committee adjudicates your claim. If you are really talking about stroke play, then Rule 3-3, Doubt as to...
Erik, I say play the course as it is marked (or mis-marked) or, if that's not good enough, play a second ball under 3-3 (assuming stroke play) and take it up with the Committee.
Left of #18 at Pebble Beach? OB is some guy's back yard in Hawaii? 
 So, we're to understand that your unwillingness (or perhaps, inability) to play the course as you find it is somehow the fault of the Rules? That being said, no one cares what you write on your scorecard, unless of course, it's your opponent or fellow-competitor.
 Often, when people say silly things here they add a .
  If you're genuinely curious about the logic behind penalties, read this: 
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