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The "field" probably doesn't need protection in this case. Had a rules official been handy he would have provided the service, in the interests of pace of play. But, yes, inform the committee, but don't be surprised if they're disinclined to prosecute.
 Pick up the telephone. A little leg work might lead you to the person who wrote the Local Rule. The rest of us, "inquiring minds," would like to know, too. 
Snipped from the USGA publication, How to Conduct a Competition, Chapter 4, Marking the Course ...   “It is a common misconception that it is not proper to define as out of bounds an area within a course. The USGA often marks as out of bounds areas such as parking lots, clubhouses, maintenance areas, tennis courts, practice areas, etc.   Decision 33-2a/12 states that it is permissible to establish out of bounds between two holes if this is necessary for safety reasons...
23-1/6 - Removal of Loose Impediments from Area in Which Ball to Be Dropped Q. Through the green, is it permissible for a player to remove loose impediments from the area in which he is preparing to drop his ball?A. Yes.
24-1 has the answer.
 The loose impediment is history ... hurled into the spinach. If the player really, really liked his original lie he is able to replace the ball rather than accept to less certain result of a drop. 
If he really, really liked the lie absent the loose impediment he could have removed the loose impediment and if the ball moved, he then adds one penalty stroke and replaces the ball.   From 23-1: If the ball lies anywhere other than on the putting green and the removal of a loose impediment by the player causes the ball to move, Rule 18-2a applies.   18-2a, tells him: .... the player incurs a penalty of one stroke and If the ball is moved, it must be replaced ....
I looked online for the Local Rules sheet for this Championship but couldn't find it. I suspect that the Local Rules are produced the evening before for each day's play and are provided in hard copy to the players by the starter on the day. I'll PM you about some dropping zone info that I've seen.
 Of course, Schrödinger's golf ball. 
Quite right, and most players welcomed that Rule change, just as they virtually all welcomed the end to stymies. However, a vocal 1% jumped up and down for five minutes when the notice of an impending ban on anchoring was announced. Nevertheless, as you well know, the Rules are amended every four years. The RBs listen and act if they can. No Babe Ruth.
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