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  Connestee Falls?
 You may not swing the Orange Whip during the stipulated round. (You may carry it in your golf bag, however.)
 It's not a Rule of Golf, it's a Condition of Competition authorized by Appendix I and recommended only for competitions involving expert players.
The General Penalty applies. Both 22-1 and 22-2 have the following note:   Note: When another ball is in motion, a ball that might influence the movement of the ball in motion must not be lifted.
MEfree, until you study this, you have no right to criticize the principles behind the Rules of Golf.
 Read Rule 20 and then you wouldn't have to ask silly questions about dropping.
One at a time:     a) ball is on the fringe and I plan to use my putter.       Rules don't care what club you might want to use   b) In my line, on the fringe, is some sand, a pebble and an acorn.        On the fringe - cannot move the sand, may move the pebble and the acorn which are loose impediments   c) On the green, in my intended line, I have a ball mark and what is most likely a spike mark       On the putting green - may repair the ball mark, may not...
  I suggest that if it ever rains again there that you play the course as the Committee defines it. Don't make up goofy rules like: I will make a point of requesting that if a drop is made outside any bunker (under the "all bunkers are flooded, drop outside"), a penalty stroke be added and the drop be made inline with the flag and the point of entry, following 25-1b(ii), unless the player finds a proper relief point in the bunker with a free drop, in defiance of the head...
Your suggestion is not supported by ANY approved Local Rule.
This has promise ... Clunky vs Rulesman.  
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