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The kid "giving advice", having completed his round, is nothing more than a spectator. He, as many others have said, has all of the status of the town dogcatcher.
 Surely there's another folder on this site where you can rant about your personal view of politics. You've contributed nothing to this discussion.
 If your FC refuses to move it, you may pick it up and hand it to him. You will incur no penalty.
That would be rich ... here, catch!
 Here's a Decision to chew on: 27/18 Gate in Boundary FenceQ. A gate in a boundary fence swings onto the course. Sometimes the gate is open and sometimes it is closed. If the gate is open, may a player close it if it interferes with his swing?A. A gate in a boundary fence, when closed, is part of the boundary fence, is not an obstruction (see Definition of "Obstructions") and may not be moved. A gate in a boundary fence, if open, is not covered by the Rules. In equity...
Here's where the referee goes to enlighten himself on virtual certainty (snipped from D26-1/1): Unlike "knowledge," "virtual certainty" implies some small degree of doubt about the actual location of a ball that has not been found. However, "virtual certainty" also means that, although the ball has not been found, when all readily available information is considered, the conclusion that there is nowhere that the ball could be except in the water hazard would be...
I disagree with your disagree. Given the OP's version of events, if I were the RO on scene I would be inclined toward KVC.
John, have you attended an 85+ workshop? I'd thought about it but my colleagues who have said that they thought the slide show was the same and were not especially impressed. cm 
I didn't watch all of them, but #20, water hazards, is wrong. For a lateral water hazard option c is 2 club lengths from the margin of the hazard not from the water itself.
J wishes, admirably, to be that caddie who can confidently advise his bag on the Rules. (I've been to many PGA/USGA Rules Workshops and never once has there been a professional caddie in attendance.) 
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