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I want outrageous speed with a Callaway XR driver!   Jordan Spieth -5 Adam Scott -5 Justin Rose -5
Welcome to the forum mate!
It seems like there is a "national something day" everyday. This one seemed to be relevant. If you're lucky enough to hit the links today, I'm quite jealous. It's absolutely beautiful weather where I'm at!
Just updated my bag 13/14 (excluding my putter) this year and have seen a 2-3 stroke improvement in my game after I got used to the new Irons which is exciting!   See signature.
I recently purchased a Big Bertha Alpha from rippedgolf1 on Ebay. I made sure to look at his feedback before purchasing and it seemed to check out.   I got the brand new driver in and was extremely excited, and quite frankly- wanted to show it off. I played 2 round with it, and hit one range session where I let a couple of friends and a coupe of strangers hit it. Everything seemed to be fine until the 3rd round I played. On #2, the club head went flying and my morale was...
Matias Dominguez just had an ace on #4 in the par 3 contest. He is from my school, Texas Tech! Way to represent!
I agree. Everywhere you find them, 20 for 2 dozen. They are straight off the tee and will stick a green even off of my 3 wood. The feel of them isn't the best, but for performance on a budget, I don't believe there is any better ball.
But wouldn't it have been awesome to witness an undefeated team win a championship?? I mean that hasn't happened since '75-'76? Could have used one of those in my lifetime. Especially with how young of a team they were. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a Kentucky fan... but magical seasons like that are few and far between.
I was around 8 or 9 as well, when I was on the range with my friend who was less experienced in golf than myself. He was hitting my clubs and I was eagerly watching him from the club side and just slightly in front of him. He proceeded to hit a shank that landed right between the eyes. It knocked me to the ground and I was quite dizzy for a minute or two. I had a lump on my forehead that turned every color in the book from yellow to black for the next two weeks. Lesson...
Titleist hat or bust.
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