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Titleist hat or bust.
Heard a new one yesterday.   A "Monica Lewinsky" ("All lip and no hole" when people ask lol) - A lipped out putt
Welcome to The Sand Trap!
Just announced! Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy, and Adam Scott for the first two rounds. What a threesome!
I actually heard a guy call this a "rabbit raper."
I say yes. But! This is because, my usual range session has been the exact same since I started hitting range balls. Start with my sand wedge, approach, pitching, 9,8, etc.... when I start getting to my 5,4,3,3w, and into my, lately, banana ball driver. This is probably due to a combination of-   1. The fact that I struggle with said 5,4,3,3w,driver 2. Fatigue   I usually hit "a big bag" which is usually around 60-70 balls.   I also, on my last ball, pull...
No problem mate! Welcome as well!
Welcome!     Couldn't have said it better myself!
Welcome!   Just a tip: You should post an avatar, it is an easy way to recognize everyone!  
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