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Thanks for the info! Im glad to know there is someone else with the same focus!
Sorry I didnt necessarily mean the PGA tour I just meant that I would like to do something with golf. Maybe become a teacher or something like that I would just like to focus on improving. I dont mean that I want to go pro because obviously im not in the position too now.
Hi. I used to play golf when I was younger but dropped the sport around the age of 9. Man do I wish I stayed. Anyways, I usually shoot around mid 40s but can range anywhere from high 50s to high 30s. I want to pursue a career in golf and trust me, I know im behind most of the kids my age that have been playing for much longer but everyone says I have great potential. I was wondering what you think the best way to drop strokes is? I guess the first step to pursuing a career...
Hey guys. So tomorrow I'm going to camp for 2 weeks and will be away from golf. But after those two weeks I will be doing another 2 weeks of golf camp. Last month I went on vacation for a week and a half. I usually play golf everyday. When I came back I was shooting the worst scores I had in a while. The camp I'm going to has a small workout facility and I know I need to work on my balance but how else can I stay fresh and not lose my game when not picking up a club for...
Hey guys! Today I was out playing with a buddy and I was out driving and basically outplaying him until I got near the green. I would usually be some number of strokes ahead of him until I got within 20 yards. The only wedge I have is a 50degree and a pitching wedge and I would always seem to land it past the green or in the front of the green and it would roll off. So thats my first question. Obviously I need a shorter wedge and I plan on getting one but we are going...
I will try these out today! Thanks.
I will definitely consider that! Thank you.
They're amazing! I was hitting them well in-store but found my self slicing them on the course a few days ago. Since then I have switched to the interlocking grip (which I have been planning to do) and am playing great so far, though I'm not getting quite as much distance I would like, but hey, there is always work to be done. While I'm at it which wayDo you all prefer to clean your irons?
Thank you. I will definitely check out the wedges they have and all of their putters. Thanks again.
Thanks so much! I will look at wedges. Any specific brands? Like Cleveland? Also what do you recommend from their putter line? I'm sure I won't have a tough time picking out woods.
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